This is what Raffi Ahmad said he wanted to help with Jessica Iskandar’s house payments


Raffi Ahmad is said to be paying the installments on Jessica Iskandar’s house. So what does Raffi Ahmad say about this problem?

Nagita Slavina’s husband immediately said that Jessica Iskandar was capable. Raffi also prayed that Jessica could solve her financial problems.

“Jessica can be her, Jessica can be her. She has a lot of savings, let’s pray for that,” said Raffi Ahmad when he met at FYP Trans 7 Studio, Mampang area, South Jakarta, on Tuesday (11/8/2022).

Raffi, however, is willing to give, if there are colleagues who cannot afford it.

“Yes, if there are difficult friends, we will help,” said Raffi.

Earlier at the FYP event, Raffi said he would only help with Jedar’s installments for one month. But he will talk about it again.

“I don’t know, we haven’t talked about it further,” he said.

Jessica previously said mortgage payments were running into the hundreds of millions per month. Then Raffi admitted that Jessica would be able to do it.

“Jessica sure can, she’s a hard worker,” he concluded.

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