This is the Substitute for BI Checking


BI Checking is a term that is commonly heard in the credit application process, both for vehicle loans and housing loans (KPR).

For information, BI checking which is commonly known is the debtor information system (SID) at Bank Indonesia (BI). But now BI checking no longer exists.

Quoted from the page, this information is now in the realm of the Financial Services Authority (OJK), under the name Financial Information Service System (SLIK).

SLIK is a record of historical information on bank debtors and other financial institutions. The information includes the smoothness of credit payments.

Simply put, this SLIK contains the credit history that has been taken. For example, A has a mortgage and he is in arrears for 2 months.

Now arrears or non-current payments will be recorded in the SLIK. Vice versa, when you pay installments smoothly, your credit information history will be included in the current category.

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