This is the reason it is important to have a comfortable & complete bathroom


Bathing is one of the important activities in cleaning the body from germs and viruses, along with the emergence of the COVID-19 outbreak. In addition to cleaning yourself, taking a bath can be to relieve fatigue after activities.

Having a comfortable bathroom will certainly make bathing more enjoyable. Reporting from various sources, the criteria for a comfortable bathroom are that it has good lighting, uses unique materials that are easy to clean, has good ventilation, has a barrier between wet and dry areas, and is well decorated.

A comfortable bathroom design and decoration also has a good impact on health. For example, good lighting can help cleanse the body more thoroughly, or the addition of fragrances such as aroma therapy can help calm the mind while bathing.

Apart from decoration, the comfort of the bathroom is also supported by complete facilities. Sanitary equipment such as sinks, faucets, shower, closet, up to bathtub be a supporting factor that will make bathing even more comfortable.

For that you should not carelessly buy sanitary products for the bathroom. Choose quality sanitary products with international standards, such as Wasser. Wasser’s range of products and water pumps can make bathing more enjoyable, comfortable and complete.

One of the newest products from Wasser that can indulge in bathing activities is the ESS-X333. Shower Premium quality from Wasser is made of full chrome, where every inch is coated with 3 layers chrome glossy, smooth and non-porous. Its state-of-the-art materials also make the ESS-X333 extremely strong and corrosion-resistant.

In terms of quality, the ESS-X333 is equipped with Neoperl Aerator Germany Standard which makes it more water efficient, soft and comfortable. Don’t forget too Sedal Cartridge Spain Quality which gives the ESS-X333 maximum durability.

The ESS-X333 has 3 different water outputs namely, head shower, shower hand, and bottom faucet. Diameter head shower The ESS-X333 measures 10 inches with a thickness of 7mm, as well as a pole shower which can be adjusted up and down. The ESS-X333 from Wasser will certainly make the bathing experience even more comfortable and refreshing.

Function shower hand with a hose length of 150 cm also makes bathing with the ESS-X333 more flexible. For those who like the conventional way, shower It is also equipped with a rotary bottom faucet that is practical to use. Whatever your shower style, it’s all catered for with the ESS-X333.

Enjoy a more comfortable and complete bathing sensation with the ES-X333 and other Wasser selected products.




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