This is how Enrique Iglesias’ children reacted when they noticed their father’s fame

For Enrique Iglesias and the world in general, his fame is part of normality. However, for their children who are beginning to grow and understand their environment, it is not easy to realize that their parents They are not as normal as they thought.

The Spanish singer spoke with Todayand revealed that his three children: Mary3 years old, and the twins Nicholas y Lucy5, haven’t attended any of his concerts yet, but they are realizing that their father is an icon.

Iglesias, who shares her three children with her partner Anna Kournikovahe pointed: “My son, when he saw me at rehearsal, he was like, ‘What?!’”revealed the 48-year-old artist.

“Because you’ve seen a lot of music videos and stage videos of me performing, but being able to see it in personthe production and the lights, it’s like, ‘Oh my god.'”

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“It was like seeing an alien or a UFO, in a good way. He was amazed”, Iglesias continued. The singer also revealed that his children will not be able to attend a show until they are a little older.

However, that does not mean that the grandchildren of Julio Iglesias e Isabel Preysler Don’t have a favorite song of your father’s. In fact, the artist assured that “can’t wait to hear it in person”especially Mary.

“Whenever I go to pick her up from school, I pick them all up, and she’s always the one who starts singing ‘I Like It’ a lot. And then they all start singing it together. It’s the most beautiful thing there is. It’s your favorite song“.

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