This is how Amazon broke all records this season

What happened?

Neither Jeff Bezos He imagined a better year for the company that started distributing a few packages of books 24 years ago. That’s right, Amazon is an impressive example of growth and today is the first big e-commerce store on the planet.

Amazon has just cut activities after the Christmas boom and the news could not be better. In addition to breaking records in deliveries worldwide, also their numbers soared in the bag.

250 thousand jobs

Not only that, the company also achieved success in generating jobs, both fixed and temporary. Nothing more for this season added to 250 thousand employees. This brand is only surpassed by Walmart as an employer in the private sector.

Its founder, Jefff Bezos said in a statement that he has done “better than ever”, but did not neglect to thank that success to the effort of workers and collaborators to ensure the timely delivery of each purchase.

According to reports, sales this year focused mostly on toys, fashion, home and technology, such as artificial intelligence assistants. More than one billion products sold and delivered to its buyers are part of the positive figures of this 2019 for the company.

Amazon employs about 750,000 people worldwide and has about 800 collaborating companies to deliver, no doubt a giant that started at full risk in 1994, when Bezos left everything and moved to Seattle to start in principle a company called Cadabra, but one year later baptized as Amazon , in honor of the immense Amazon river.

He started selling books online, then DVDs and related products. Years later, he diversified the business into what it is today. With 55 years, Bezos is also the richest man in the world, with certified revenues of 130 billion dollars.

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