This former Man City defender predicts Chelsea will fail in the top four


Chelsea, Liverpool, and Leicester City compete for the last two places in the top four Premier League. Chelsea is believed to be slipping.

The three teams will ensure fate in the last week of the Premier League. Chelsea will travel to Aston Villa, Liverpool to host Crystal Palace and Leicester City to face Tottenham Hotspur at home.

Chelsea are in the highest position at the moment with 67 points in third place. Liverpool and Leicester stick with 66 points.

Former Manchester City and Aston Villa defender Micah Richards predict Chelsea will be the team that slips from this competition. This is inseparable from the fact that The Blues also have a Champions League final against Manchester City to face at the end of the month.

Winning the final against Man City as is known can also bring in Champions League tickets next season. But undoubtedly it will not be easy because Manchester City have ambitions to win the first Champions League title in their history.

“I will tell you Chelsea draw at Villa headquarters and Leicester beat Spurs. I think Liverpool will do their job, “said Micah Richards.

“If there is one turn from this competition, that’s what I see can happen. Only because Chelsea are now eyeing the Champions League final,” continued the analyst. Sky Sports this.




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