This can happen if you sniff

“Look here! Serious injuries from the use of snus. Consumption among young people in particular is exploding, and we are now seeing the damage more and more frequently, unfortunately ».

This was announced by the Danish dental clinic Tandlægehuset Brande on its Facebook pages last week.

The picture of the patient, which the clinic shared, has attracted attention in Denmark and has been covered by several national media, among them BT.

A patient came in for an appointment at the Danish clinic, and the dentists were able to confirm that parts of the gums had etched away, the mucous membranes had dried out – and that the patient’s teeth had become discolored.

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Dentist Rikke Storgaard at the clinic in Brande tells Dagbladet that they see a worrying increase in young snus users, and the consequences that come with it.

– It makes me deeply worried to see how many more young people in Denmark are sniffing, even though it is illegal in Denmark. If they do not sniff, they use chewing tobacco or nicotine bags, Storgaard tells Dagbladet.

– Sniffing among young people has exploded in our country in recent years, which is a shame. When we know it can be very harmful. Snus and other smokeless tobacco increase the risk of cancer of the pancreas, esophagus and oral cavity.

– Great responsibility on dentists

Storgaard says that their Facebook post of the patient’s mouth has spread like wildfire on social media. The picture has been shared over 1800 times, and in the comments field you see many warning friends who use tobacco products under the lip.

– I am very happy that we shared the photo, because we see the attention it gets. It is the responsibility of us dentists to convey what snus and other tobacco products can do to your mouth, and your health in general.

DENTIST: Rikke Storgaard warns young people against starting to sniff. Photo: Tandlægehuset Brande
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– For those who do not want to stop sniffing, what should they do to maintain good oral hygiene?

– To maintain good oral hygiene, you must stop using tobacco products, says Storgaard.

Sensational snus report

In 2019 went National Institute of Public Health out with warnings in a new snus report, where they reported that snus can have a number of harmful effects on health.

It is likely that the use of Swedish snus among men leads to an increased risk of cancer of the esophagus and pancreas.

That snus increases the risk of pancreatic cancer, contradicts a large collective study from 2017, points out The “Araghi” study found that snus users did not have a greater risk of getting pancreatic cancer compared to those who did not sniff.

However, the National Institute of Public Health has chosen to ignore this study, and justifies it by saying that the study does not say anything about how many people had stopped sniffing.

Furthermore, the department’s report states that it is possible that snus increases the risk of cancer of the stomach and rectum. It is also possible that the use of snus increases mortality after a cancer diagnosis.

Research on the health risk of snus use in the report concerns the use of Swedish snus, as Norwegians mainly use snus produced by their sweet brother.

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Higher abdominal circumference

It is likely that high consumption of snus – ie more than four cans of snus a week – increases the risk of type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome is a collective term that includes obesity and increased abdominal circumference, high blood pressure, high insulin levels and unfavorable cholesterol levels, according to Norwegian Health Informatics.

It is also likely that the use of Swedish snus among men increases the risk of high blood pressure.


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