Thionville. The mayor wants a real reflection on city traffic

“I want to take advantage of the summer to have a real and clear reflection on automobile traffic in the city center”, announces Pierre Cuny. “Because today, we must recognize that it has become big nonsense,” says the mayor of Thionville. “What I want is a city center with fewer cars, therefore more peaceful, but also, at the same time, more suited to the dozens of residents who come to live there. In 4 to 5 years, we should indeed have more than 1,500 additional inhabitants in this sector. For Pierre Cuny, it is therefore urgent to take the lead. “Obviously in consultation with traders and residents. “

First line of thought: close the pedestrian platform from 10 a.m., or even 11 a.m. and limit access to side streets. “Why not open them only from 8 am to 8:30 am,” suggested delivery men. Then, set up an autonomous shuttle serving the heart of the city. “Access to the pedestrian plateau could also be free to traffic in winter, from 5 pm to 7 pm, in November, January and February, traditionally quiet months. »As a reminder, access to the pedestrian center has been closed to vehicles from 12 noon since July 8. “We must also think about an automated reading of license plates so that residents can access their homes”, suggests Pierre Cuny.

Participative democracy

Hence the idea of ​​launching a major consultation. “A real citizen reflection”, supports the mayor of Thionville, convinced by this form of participatory democracy which will involve traders and users in future decisions.

This study also confirms the City in its project of “ecological transition with the revegetation of its city center and the development of tracks in soft mode. A life-size experiment has already taken place on July 21, during which cars were banned from the city center. Rebelote on August 4 and 18. The heart of the city had remained and will nevertheless remain accessible to residents, traders and businesses working in the city and who will report to the terminal on rue du Luxembourg.

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