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They’ve soaked their testicles in soy sauce after seeing this study

UNUSUAL – Many unusual trends have passed on the Tik Tok social network, but this one is particularly eccentric: these Americans wanted to dip their testicles in a bowl of soy sauce (or other sweet liquids) in order to see if they could find the same taste as in the mouth.

All this theory comes from a young American girl, who found an article in the Daily Mail dating from July 2013. Its title? “The testicles have taste buds that can detect sweet flavors – and they are vital for fertility.” The journalist explains: “Scientists say that, although they are far from the mouth, the taste receptors on the testicles and anus can also detect the salty taste of umami – the amino acid of the soya sauce.”

“Do it for science”

After this revelation, it is almost 7 years later that this article is found on Tik Tok. Regan, the American who found the paper asked: “Please, for science, dip your testicles in soy sauce and tell us if you can taste it, it’s for science” .

It is with great amplitude that the girl obtains her answer since many Americans hastened to take the test. Whether it’s soy sauce, barbecue sauce, sugar water, orange juice, they all look dubious. Nothing happens.

A doctor’s response to Tik Tok

In the end, Doctor Kirten Parekh reacted on Tik Tok in turn, to explain the article, and the fact that nobody tastes of soy sauce after having brushed his private parts in it. “It has more to do with male fertility and spermatogenetics”, He explains. The functional implications of taste receptors distributed throughout the body are still unknown. Chances are you won’t “taste” anything in your immersion experiences. “

He was interviewed by BuzzFeedand therefore explained more on this subject: “It is not because you have taste buds in this area that you can physically taste these flavors”, did he declare. “Your body can receive it, but you will not have a perceptive taste of sweet, sour or any other flavor. ”

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