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They warn of scams in the United States with cards

In order to prevent EBT card scams for residents receiving welfare, New York State launched a new tool.

This tool will allow you to lock and unlock the EBT card through the ConnectEBT app. This was specified by the state governor, Kathy Hochul.

Through this new protection method, the EBT card can be locked when not in use. Therefore, this will prevent criminals from stealing benefits and information.

Likewise, the governor assured that they will continue taking measures to protect New Yorkers from theft related to scams. So, they will guarantee EBT cardholders effective tools to protect their benefits.

What are frauds?

The technique that thieves use is to place card reading machines at legitimate retailers, with which they extract the information from the EBT cards. Then, they steal the users’ personal identification number.

However, this is where the new EBT card lock/unlock feature comes in. This tool allows cardholders to block the card after they make a purchase. Therefore, in such a way they can prevent anyone else from purchasing, checking the balance or carrying out any transaction.

To find the tool, you must first enter the app through a mobile device and log in to your personal account.

A new icon will appear on the “Lock/Unlock Card” screen, so “Lock My Card Everywhere” must be selected.

Furthermore, it is important that users unlock the EBT card in the same way they blocked it before starting any purchase. However, authorities recommend re-blocking the card after each purchase you make.

Meanwhile, the state government claimed that New York has repaid more than $20 million in stolen benefits as of the end of December.

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