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“They only told me now”

Amazing discovery for Antonella Clerici, who during yesterday’s episode of È Semper Mezzogiorno received wonderful news. Here’s what she learned.

Antonella Clerici discovered something absurd live on È semper mezzogiorno, the broadcast that airs in the late morning of Rai 1. The presenter, to whom the public is very fond, is preparing to finish the program for the summer break, for then resume in September. Let’s see what happened to her.

Antonella Clerici and the shocking discovery

An ironic and smiling hostess, a bright studio surrounded by nature, a cheerful tour company… to tell about an Italy in which… “It’s always noon”. This was the intent of Antonella Clerici with her new program, which has become a real success of Rai 1. Antonellina is back to talking about cooking, presenting recipes, curiosities and many characters, cheering the public in a period that he didn’t have much of cheerfulness. Thanks to her smile, she was able to brighten the mornings of the Italians, giving everyone beautiful moments of carefree and this her effort was rewarded.

During yesterday’s episode, May 19th, Antonella Clerici received a wonderful live news, which literally upset her. In fact, the share data of her program were communicated live to her, which this year was truly a huge success.

The broadcast continues to record excellent numbers of shares and in these days it has recorded the audience record, a wonderful achievement for Antonella Clerici.

In the middle of the episode, the hostess receives the good news from behind the scenes and immediately wanted to share it with her audience: “Yesterday’s ratings have now been reported to me: great! We are a really strong team. Very good! I’m not used to talking about ratings, we started two years ago from nothing and we have reached 17.4% share. Thank you very much for the affection with which you follow us, I say this not so much for me but for all those who work here “

In short, a real and great success for Clerici who once again proves to do her job well, but above all to know that behind a great presenter there is always a very good team that she has already shown in the past to be able to coordinate with big, to bring out a successful project.

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