They found out what failed the Astra Zeneca vaccine

Researchers believe they have discovered what triggers blood clots after being vaccinated with Astra Zeneca. The severe side effect has caused most countries in the world to abandon the purchase and use of this vaccine.

Two teams, in Wales and the United States, were able to monitor in detail how protein in the blood is attracted to a key component of the vaccine.

They suggest that this triggers a chain reaction that triggers the immune system and can lead to the formation of dangerous clots. The rare occurrence of the side effect has led to the cautious use of “Astra Zeneca” in certain age groups.

Along with colleagues from Wales and the United States, Astra Zeneca specialists also work. Their opinion is that the appearance of clots is a consequence of COVID-19 rather than the vaccine.

Despite the breakthrough, there is still no complete explanation of the relationship between the drug and the rare side effect. However, the fact that the vaccine has saved the lives of millions is indisputable, scientists are convinced.



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