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They expose on stage the ecocide that led the axolotl to be susceptible to extinction

Mexico Metropolis. The Mexican axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum) It’s an uncommon creature. In cultural phrases, it was related in pre-Hispanic occasions with Xólolt, god of fireplace and lightning, who, in response to fable, to keep away from being sacrificed, took the type of that extraordinary amphibian and threw himself into the water, the place he was discovered and buried. he killed him.

For the science of our time, it’s nonetheless a formidable species and a purpose for research attributable to its capacity to regenerate its misplaced limbs and even a part of the mind and coronary heart, in addition to to keep up itself. younger their whole life, which in captivity can exceed 20 years.

Denominated water monster by the traditional Mexica, amongst whom it was extremely appreciated for its meat and its use as a medicinal treatment, now it’s the protagonist of the work Ayolotl, coronary heart of water, which is introduced on Saturdays and Sundays in Might at 1:00 p.m. on the Teatro del Pueblo (República de Venezuela 72, Historic Heart).

This manufacturing by Astillero Teatro – an organization specializing in puppets for younger audiences for nearly 25 years – proposes a mirrored image from the performing arts, and from science, on the crucial hazard of extinction by which this species endemic to the lakes is discovered. from the Valley of Mexico that survives in Lake Xochimilco.

Interdisciplinary proposal

Written and directed by Oswaldo Valdovinos, it’s a proposal aimed toward youngsters, whose goal is to lift consciousness concerning the significance of biocultural heritage and its care, in addition to the conservation and sustainable use of the biodiversity of the chinampera space of ​​Xochimilco.

Its origin dates again to 2019 as a part of the Scientific Vocations mission, carried out with the Interdisciplinary Skilled Unit of Engineering and Social and Administrative Sciences (UPIICSA) of the Nationwide Polytechnic Institute (IPN) and the collaboration of the Chinampayolo Cultural Cooperative and the Ministry of Tradition of Mexico Metropolis.

The IPN requested us to handle a number of points aimed toward youngsters, reminiscent of urbanization, extreme use of pesticides, environmental preservation and dangerous tourism. As an alternative of presenting these issues in isolation, we determined that they’d be mirrored or have an effect on one of many endemic species of this metropolis.explains Valdovinos.

We opted for axolotls as a result of, though there are lots of different species which can be additionally affected by these issues, we thought they had been essentially the most recognizable by youngsters.

The work has as its place to begin the documentary theater method, from which bibliographic analysis and interviews with specialists had been undertaken, along with accumulating testimonies among the many members of the Chinampayolo cooperative about the primary issues confronted by the Chinampayolo space. the Mexican capital.

As an alternative of presenting onerous information and statistics, we translated the knowledge into language accessible to youngsters. We keep away from the didactic tone, about asking if what occurs is okaymentioned the stage creator.

Our setups deal with that side. Reasonably, it’s an expository work, as a result of at Astillero Teatro we belief and enchantment to the intelligence of youngsters, but additionally their sensitivity, in order that they’re those who draw their conclusions in response to the expertise they’ve in response to their age.

By way of using desk puppets with direct manipulation and object puppets, the historical past of Ayolotl, coronary heart of water Its focus is on axolotls and the hazard of extinction they’re in as a result of harm to their surroundings attributable to human intervention.

A glimpse of hope

The species, the director factors out, is necessary not just for the biodiversity of the place, as it’s an indicator of the pure stability of the chinampera space, but additionally within the cultural sphere, as a result of the worldview of the pre-Hispanic settlers affirms that When axolotls disappear, people will too.

Within the montage, what had been as soon as clear waters are at the moment disrupted by the arrival of machine-monsters that demolish all the pieces of their path, by house-beasts that trample the surroundings and vomit rubbish and sewage, by alcoholic trajineras that soiled the canals and by a fumigator-monster that threatens to exterminate each dwelling being.

Regardless of the gloomy panorama, this isn’t a sensationalist or alarmist setting, because it carries hope via the harmless gaze of a lady, Xóchitl, who proposes choices to counteract the harmful acts of human beings.

The ticket worth on the field workplace is 138 pesos; on Ticketmaster they’re two for one. Upon arriving on the field workplace with the phrase: When the axolotls go extinct, so can wethe fee might be 38 pesos.

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