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They detect 138 fraudulent study certificates in the Seremi of Education – 2024-04-19 15:25:36

This Thursday morning, the Presidential Delegate, Fabio López and the Seremi of Education, Alyson Hadad, reported on the discovery of 138 suspicious study certificates at the Seremi of Education of O’Higgins. According to the investigation carried out by the Mineduc Assistance Unit, these documents could have been generated fraudulently.

The Presidential Delegate revealed that possible irregularities were detected in the account of an official of the Seremi of Education, which led to the completion of an internal administrative summary and the delivery of the records to the Public Ministry. “A possible violation of the regular procedures established for uploading 138 study certificates was detected in the account of an official of the Seremi de Educación. After verifying these anomalies, the seremi – complying with all the corresponding protocols – ordered on Monday, April 15, the completion of an internal administrative summary and delivered the background of the case to the Public Ministry, given that the facts exposed could have the character of a crime. Lopez said.

The Presidential Delegate added that “thanks to the fact that this broadcast was detected by Mineduc itself, which at least has a fraudulent character, Seremi Alyson Hadad complied with the protocols and carried out a summary investigation and immediately placed the records in the hands of the Public Ministry, which that has allowed this person to be detained, because we cannot accommodate conduct that conflicts with morality, civil servant ethics and administrative probity. “We are evaluating what will happen in the detention control and we do not rule out filing a complaint.”


For her part, Seremi Alyson Hadad explained that the alert about the suspicious issuance of certificates came last Friday from the Ministry of Education. After verifying the situation, an administrative summary was initiated and the records were handed over to the Prosecutor’s Office. Likewise, it was verified that some of the certificates lacked adequate support from the study minutes, which motivated the taking of administrative measures.

“Last Friday, at the last minute, I received the alert from the Central Level of the MINEDUC of the suspicious issuance of certificates by the same official, where he acted as issuer of the request, data entry and subsequently, delivering the certificate. First thing on Monday, from the Ministry of Education we carried out all the administrative procedures that correspond to this type of cases that have to do with the generation of administrative summary in order to, in this way, immediately put all the records in the Prosecutor’s Office,” he explained. Haadad.

The Education authority added that “it was possible to verify in a random sample of 10 of these certificates that these documents were indeed not supported by the corresponding study records; Therefore, administrative measures were immediately taken and we submitted the information to the Prosecutor’s Office,” Hadad noted.

Hadad indicated that he met with the Prosecutor to explain the usual process of issuing certificates and the justice system has begun the corresponding investigations. “On Tuesday I met with the Prosecutor to explain the daily mechanics of the issuance of this type of certificates that has to do with with the management of different units and the adequate support of the study minutes for their subsequent issuance. “Yesterday – Wednesday – the Prosecutor was in a position to begin the investigations and we were able to provide the background information so that the justice system can resolve this situation, absolutely contrary to what should happen in the administrative processes in the delivery of study reports,” he indicated. the Seremi of Education.

The investigation remains ongoing while the authorities wait for the justice system to determine the relevant responsibilities and sanctions in this alleged case of issuance of false certificates.

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