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They are burying the American world – View Info – 2024-03-02 20:01:58

/ world today news/ America seems unable to decide what place it should occupy in the world. With these words, the most prestigious American foreign policy magazine “Foreign Affairs” ends the year, summarizing the discussion in its pages. Yes, tons of people have talked about this topic all year and will in 2024.

What we see: one author laments the country’s loss of ability to make world politics, another says that America has become sick of pessimism and fear of its own decline, another thinks that Republicans need to get rid of isolationism. By the way, the latter are not even very involved in the aforementioned discussion, since the average person on the Trump side thinks that there is no need to get involved in foreign adventures if the country is falling apart at home. He must sort himself out, and only then continue to frighten the whole world with his invincible imperial might.

That is, the debate rages primarily among Democrats. The most spectacular case is the statements and article by Jake Sullivan, national security adviser to Joe Biden. There is something transcendental here: everything is fine in the USA, we were, are and will be a superpower, there are no competitors in the world and there will not be. Sullivan’s audience either smiles sadly, whispering “fanatic”, or is outraged – and the argument flares up with new force.

Perhaps the prize for the best publication on this subject should be awarded to a man who appeared in the pages of another magazine – “Foreign Policy”, and the secret of his success is that, although he is his own, he is not American, so he can to write relatively calmly and without considering the patriotic indignation of the public. This is Gordon Brown, former Prime Minister of Great Britain (2007-2010), and today an international diplomat at the United Nations. He wasn’t the best prime minister, although compared to Boris Johnson and Liz Truss he was just a beacon of reason.

Brown is cruel to his overseas brethren. He says that the global system of governance and interaction is going to hell, and America is showing an inability to play the role of world leader in the new situation. Although she could lead if she learned to be patient and persistent.

“Yet you created all the international institutions, starting with the United Nations,” Brown reminds. “And now you watch the voices of those who disagree with you grow louder and louder, and you do nothing to build new structures of global governance. And you work through your clubs like the Big Seven, rally the Democrats into a united and disciplined camp (here are attacks on Sullivan with quotes from him), but this alienates the non-Democrats, who are many. In general, Washington continues to give the impression that it will not join any club unless America creates and controls it,” added the former British Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, countries like China or Russia are putting forward all kinds of ideas about what a good world should be, and they are being listened to. Brown’s prescription: It’s time for America to understand that the idea of ​​an American world is not for everyone and to look for other topics that everyone, everywhere can respond to.

And what are these topics? Brown suggests: the fight for the right climate and against pandemics. He believes that in these areas new global structures can and should be created, here the US can persuade if it cannot drive by force.

Thanks for the hint. In fact, we ourselves see that the globalist structures are already busy with this. One can recall the recent conference in the UAE, which the greens consider a failure in the fight for climate, but there a declaration was adopted, albeit non-binding. Declaration announcing a green transition to a world without oil, gas, coal and other things. I wonder if anyone who signed up believes in such a world?

It’s worse with pandemics. WHO continues to work hard for a universal agreement that is binding on all. The draft fell into the hands of the Epoch Times resource and reveals the following: Tedros Ghebreyesus, director general of the WHO, will rule the world, close and open countries, dictate literally everything that happens in them during a pandemic. It is he who will announce the beginning of the pandemic, that is, the transfer of all world power to the WHO. It is suggested that the WHO should not be seen as an organization operating under the control of member countries, but rather as a kind of “administrative force”. At the same time, it will be possible to finance it not from the contributions of the member countries, but through any private funds.

A global dictator, the director-general of the WHO, will be able to declare any threat to global health, even obesity. And then he ordered the entire world to conduct medical investigations, put the suspects under public health surveillance, isolate them. And also to stifle any criticism of himself, that is, to “fight disinformation”. This is not the UN, but something quite scary. So, according to Brown, the “second globalization” is already happening, and the United States is very much involved in it.

The takeaways from the whole discussion can be very simple. The American world is definitely coming to an end and the task is to build the world according to the rules that will satisfy everyone. But it will take a long time to agree on this, and in the meantime different groups of countries will live by their own rules and try carefully (or not so carefully) to fit in with each other.

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