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These are the 10 most watched Netflix series currently

Streaming platforms are today a service widely used by a large part of the world population. Netflix, for example, is currently one of the most popular platforms with the largest number of subscribers.

Recently, the TOP of the most watched series in the USA was determined in a recent period and all the top ten are Netflix content.

New to Netflix and don't know what to see? Or do you want to start watching some popular series, but you can't choose among so many offers? So, today we show the TOP 10 of the most viewed series in the USA.

The ranking was determined by the auditing company Nielsen and considers the series most viewed in the United States between the week between August 3 and 9, 2020. For this analysis, the number of minutes viewed in each series was considered. The report concerns the Netflix and Amazon Prime platforms, but only the Netflix series make up the TOP 10. So let's get to know it!

#1 – The Umbrella Academy

When they meet again at the death of their father, six brothers with extraordinary powers discover shocking family secrets and a threat to humanity.

This is the only series in this TOP 10 produced by Netflix itself. The Umbrella Academy has 20 episodes and was the most watched series with 3.011 billion minutes watched.

#2 – Shameless

Shameless, or No Limit, is a dramatic American comedy. The series tells the story of the Gallaghers, a poor family from the city of Chicago who need to deal with the ups and downs of their family relationship and financial situation.

The series has 120 episodes and already has 1.125 billion minutes watched.

# 3 - Grey's Anatomy

The popular series takes place in a hospital setting that shows the daily lives of doctors and health professionals, while dealing with their professional and personal problems.

Grey's anatomy has 361 episodes and has seen a total of 918 million minutes.

#4 – The Office

The Office is a comedy series that portrays the daily lives of employees at an office in Scranton, Pennsylvania, a branch of the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.

It has 192 episodes and 897 million minutes viewed.

#5 Criminal Minds

An elite FBI squad studies the greatest criminal minds, anticipating their next steps, before they strike again. In order to identify the motivations of criminals and stop them, each member of the team uses their experience.

Criminal Minds has 277 episodes and 697 million minutes already seen on Netflix.

#6 – NCIS

NCIS, or Criminal Investigation, is an American television series about the federal agency Naval Criminal Investigative Service that investigates all types of crimes involving the United States Navy and the Marine Corps and their families.

The series consists of 353 episodes and 524 million minutes viewed.

#7 – In The Dark

In the Dark is an American drama series. It tells the story of Murphy, an irreverent blind woman in her twenties who is always drunk.

The series has 26 episodes but 418 million minutes have already been viewed by Netflix users.

#8 – Dexter

Dexter Morgan is a serial killer but also works as a forensic analyst. Their victims are themselves criminals, but they manage to escape justice. He is in charge of killing them but in a very peculiar way.

The popular series has 96 episodes and already has 316 million views on Netflix.

#9 – Supernatural

It is an obscure fantasy series that tells the story of two brothers, Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester who hunt demons, ghosts, monsters and other supernatural creatures in the world.

With 321 episodes, Supernatural has already seen 315 million minutes.

#10 – Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation is a comedy series that depicts the life of Leslie Knope, the deputy director of the Department of Parks and Recreation in the city of Pawnee, Indiana.

The series has 121 episodes and closes this TOP with 304 million views.

Of all the series in this TOP 10, only The Umbrella Academy is available on Netflix in Portugal. But you can always use a VPN to be able to access the contents of the US platform. Here's how to do it.


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