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these are other movie beaches that you should visit

Beaches of white or golden sand, with clean and crystalline waters, accompanied by vegetation or a magical seabed. Throughout the planet we meet Beaches for all tastes, and the beauty of some is such that they have become the scenes of famous filmswhich has only increased its popularity among tourists.

This is the case of the idyllic beach located on the Thai island of Phi Phi Leh. This sandbank rose to fame especially as a result of the 2000 film ‘The beach’starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Now, this place is once again giving something to talk about after its recent opening after three years of being closed to visitors.

Playa de Phi Phi Leh.
Travel Wild / iStock

The tourist overcrowding suffered by the island was causing a serious environmental damageeven came to die “up to 92% of the coral”, collects the EFE Agency. With an average of 5,000 visitors a day, the Thai authorities made the decision to completely close the entrance to the island. And after a reasonable time for the ecosystem to recover, the public can now return to the beach, but with a limited capacity to 375 people at the same time and under the prohibition of bathing in the water.

Other movie beaches

The famous Thai beach is not the only one that has made us dream of paradisiacal places on the big screen. For example, the beach of the tiny monuriki island, in the Fiji Islands, was the main setting for the famous movie ‘Cast Away’. A virgin and desert stage where Tom Hanks moved us with his performance.

Monuriki Island.
Monuriki Island.
Marco Ramerini / iStock

Similarly, when we see the famous musical ‘Mamma Mía!’ We not only sing ABBA’s songs with emotion, but also fantasize about the beautiful landscapes of Greece. the precious playa de Kastanion the Greek island of Skópelos, is where Sophie and Sky gave us one of the best scenes in the film to the rhythm of “Lay All Your Love On Me”.

On the other hand, at the moment in which the protagonist of ‘Planet of the Apes’ comes face to face with the truth when he sees the half-buried Statue of Liberty, the beach is none other than Zuma Beach. This Californian sandbank has become a meeting point for surfers in the area.

Spanish beaches on the big screen

In the case of our country, many sandy areas have become one more protagonist of feature films. For example, when we believed that Hally Berry bathed in the Caribbean waters of Cuba in the movie ‘Dies Another Day’, in reality we had the scene much closer: in the Cadiz beach of La Caleta.

Monsul beach.
Monsul beach.

Another case is the famous beach of Mónsul, in Cabo de Gata-Níjar. Here, such emblematic films as Steven Spielberg’s ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’ have been shot, specifically the scene in which Harrison Ford and Sean Connery flee from the Nazi planes.

In Spanish cinema, we find other examples such as the Famara beach in Lanzarote, where Penélope Cruz and Lluís Homar shot under the direction of Almodóvar in ‘Los Brazos Rotos’. Or the paradisiacal beach of Ses Illetes in Formentera, in which Paz Padilla starred in ‘Lucía y el sexo’.

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