These are considered super foods for your dog’s health

Nutrition plays an essential role in the health of your pet. Not many are aware of the existence of certain foods, called “super foods”, which bring significant benefits to canine health. Many of these foods can be found in dog food. These are considered super foods for your dog’s health. It is therefore essential to understand something more about their administration to your four-legged friends.

Carrot, beetroot and pumpkin

The first 3 super foods have in common that they are vegetables. The carrot, for example, has an extremely positive effect on eye health of the dog, a bit like it also happens for humans. Pumpkin is a food that promotes the dog’s digestive process, while beetroot strengthens its immune system. Since it is more difficult to do to hire this last food to the dog, we recommend its purchase in the way it is marketed for dogs. It is the dried powder of beet pulp. The addition of this powder, in any canine meal, brings a large number of fibers to the animal.

Blueberry, red fruits and celery

Celery, a great source of well-being for the animal, also plays a key role for the immune system. Blueberries, on the other hand, are great antioxidant fruits. They represent an anti-aging food for owners and animals and allow to preserve the elasticity of blood vessels. Being fruit, it is always better, however, not to exasperate their administration to the dog. Cranberries, on the other hand, are great allies of the dog’s urinary system.

Salmon oil, dried apples and lentils

All of these are considered super foods for the health of your dog, which we recommend to include in your pet’s diet. Among these is salmon oil, which supplies the canine body with important fatty acids. This food, given periodically, counteracts the loss of hair in dogs and makes the canine coat immediately healthier and more shiny. Dried apples, on the other hand, give the dog numerous vitamins. If necessary, we also recommend using apple pulp or diced apple as a healthy snack. Lentils aid in digestion and are excellent allies for the heart, even in dogs.

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Rosemary, spinach and peas

Rosemary is another of the strong antioxidant foods and it is therefore possible to add it to the preparation of meals for your dog. The same goes for spinach, which gives great strength to the immune system. Peas, on the other hand, provide the dog with all the zinc and potassium it needs. All of these are considered super foods for your dog’s health. But the good news is that they are great food for their owners too!

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