There’s Good News! Covid patients recover beyond new cases

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Towards the end of the implementation of PPKM Level 1-4 on Monday (2/8/2021), Covid-19 cases in the country showed a decline. In addition, the good news is that the number of patients who have recovered is greater than the addition of new cases. The Ministry of Health noted that on Saturday (31/7/2021), 39,372 people recovered from Covid-19, bringing the total to 2,770 million people.

This number of cures surpassed the new cases which increased by 37,284 people on the same day, bringing the total to 3.409 million people. The provinces that contributed to this recovery rate were West Java, East Java, Central Java, DKI Jakarta, and Central Kalimantan.

West Java recovered patients increased by 6,931 people, bringing the total to 475,838. Then East Java with an additional 5,165 recovered patients, bringing the total to 231,908. Furthermore, DKI Jakarta with the addition of 4,963 people recovered, bringing the total to 784,630 people.

Then Central Java which increased by 4,592 people to 305,397 people, and Central Kalimantan with the addition of 2,192 recovered patients bringing the total to 28,785 people.

Unfortunately, although new cases are sloping, the number of deaths is still high with an additional 1,808 people. With this, the total number of deaths in Indonesia due to this pandemic has reached 94,119 people.

Meanwhile, the high number of recovered patients also contributed to reducing active cases or patients requiring treatment as many as 3,896 people. The number of active cases in Indonesia currently reaches 545,447 people. The number of new cases was obtained from the examination of 241,761 specimens, and currently there are 278,618 suspects.

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