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There was no sharp increase in press subscriptions during the emergency / Article / LSM.lv

In recent years, the trend of subscribing to press publications in Latvia has been at the same level. Gundega Vārpa, a representative of Latvijas Pasts, says that subscription statistics are stable. For example, by 1 June 2020, a total of 397.5 thousand press subscriptions had been issued at Latvijas Pasts and approximately the same number, around 400 thousand, had been issued in the same period last year. This means that people still subscribe to and read the press. On the other hand, at a time when there was an emergency situation in the country with various restrictions, there was no big breakthrough in the field of press subscriptions, but there was interest.

Latvijas Pasts representative Gundega Vārpa: In general, the press subscription indicator is stable and there are no sharp changes.Linda Zalane

Gundega Vārpa says: “Perhaps at such a local level there has been a greater interest of people somewhere – in order not to leave home, we were interested in what subscription options are and how to do it more conveniently, but in general it can be said that this indicator is so stable and no sharp turns.

Maybe if we look at the weeks, maybe we can see some changes, but very often it is that people subscribe to something for a shorter period, for example. Also with the idea that when the restrictions end, you will want to go out and maybe buy at retail, but, for example, while you were at home, then subscribe. The trend over a long period of time is that more subscriptions are published in rural areas than in cities. “

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