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There is nothing to do and plenty to experience before the fair, really IEX.nl

The AEX opens higher after a mixed round on Wall Street, where the Dow Jones excelled with +1.5% at a new annual top (!) and tech and chippers lost 0.2% to 0.6%.

There is now virtually no news on the Damrak and internationally there is also little directional activity. All eyes are focused on the purchasing manager indices today, and there is nothing more. Tesla’s introduction of the Cybertruck received a lukewarm reception yesterday. The stock fell. So more.

  • European futures open +0.4% to +0.9%
  • The American ones are one hundredths higher (Dow Jones) to -0.2% (Nasdaq 100)
  • In Asia, Hong Kong is a few tenths lower, Japan is also lower and India is gaining slightly. China barely does anything and Korea loses 1.2%
  • Alibaba -0.8%
  • Tencent -1,5%
  • TSMC +0,4%
  • Samsung  -1,1%
  • Volatility (CBOE VIX Index) is -0.5% at 12.9 and the BofA MOVE Index (bonds) is +0.6% at 115.3
  • The dollar drops 0.2% to 1.0902 again. The euro has fallen in recent days on the better-than-expected EU inflation figures
  • Gold, oil and crypto continues to go, +1.0% to +2.5%. Bitcoin is now at $38,110.41

Are interest rates sleeping late today?

And the price isn’t too bad…? It is a special thing, Cybertruck can do a lot of tricks and is made of metal specially developed by Tesla. It will become clear how reliable, beautiful, fun and good the thing is. Possession of the business is the end of the fun? Because the price went -1.7% yesterday and -2.1% again after the close.

Unfortunately, the day at the Damrak does not start well, because another Nevi PMI is out, or our national purchasing managers index. That reading below 45 still indicates recession-like conditions.

Here’s the Nevi press release, grab the tissues. The crucial new orders simply refuse to pick up – shameful! Don’t rush like that.

First of the month and we always do it with global purchasing manager indices, the best indicators of the current economic momentum. Windfalls from Asia (China!), let’s hope that we can soon also say the same about the European countries and the US.

Then just a little housekeeping, your faithful front-of-house servant will soon say goodbye to you. At IEX then. I started this column around 2006 with none other than Lukas Daalder, now Chief Investment Strategist at Blackrock Netherlands.

Thank you for your (many!) years of visits and responses, it kept me going.

Read our farewell piece here. Thanks again and we’ll meet again.

News, advice, shorts and agenda

The most important ABM Financial news since the Amsterdam close yesterday.

  • 08:06 Higher start AEX expected after new annual record Dow
  • 07:52 Sligro takes over some of Simon Loos’ activities
  • 07:34 Vopak completes purchase of stake in EemEnergyTerminal
  • 07:22 Stock market view: Morgan Stanley removes KPN from buy list
  • 07:18 Dutch industry is slowing down less
  • 07:10 European stock markets open higher
  • 06:58 Asian stock markets are broadly lower
  • 06:54 Update: Japanese industry is shrinking slightly less than expected
  • 06:46 Japanese industry is shrinking slightly less than expected
  • 06:44 Chinese industry shows growth again
  • 06:41 Stock market agenda: macroeconomic
  • 06:40 Exhibition agenda: Dutch companies
  • 06:40 Stock market agenda: foreign funds
  • Nov 30 Dell turnover under pressure due to weak PC market
  • Nov 30 Wall Street ends a strong November month on a positive note
  • Nov 30 Stock market update: AEX on Wall Street
  • Nov 30 Tesla delivers first Cybertrucks
  • Nov 30 Oil price drops sharply
  • Nov 30 Update: Only voluntary production cuts for OPEC+ members
  • Nov 30 Wall Street divided towards end of strong month
  • Nov 30 Air France-KLM and Apollo complete financing
  • November 30 European stock markets close a strong month of November on a good note
  • Nov 30 OPEC+ does not confirm production cut

The AFM reports this shorts:

Very busy every day at Alfen, but on balance not much changes:

The agenda and even though it is the first Friday of the month, there is no US Payroll Report, or employment numbers for November. That will come next Friday. We do it purely with purchasing manager indices.

01:30 Purchasing managers index industry – November final. (Yap)
08:45 Industrial production – October (Fra)
09:00 Purchasing managers index industry – November (NL)
09:15 Purchasing managers index industry – November (Spa)
09:45 Purchasing managers index industry – November (Ita)
09:50 Purchasing managers index industry – November final. (Fra)
09:55 Purchasing managers index industry – November final. (Gld)
10:00 Purchasing managers index industry – November final. (EUR)
10:30 Purchasing managers index industry – November final. (UK)
15:45 Purchasing managers index industry – November final. (USA)
16:00 Purchasing managers index industry ISM – November (US)
4:00 PM Construction Spending – October (US)

And then this

The retrospective:

  • Dow Jones +1,5%
  • S&P 500 +0,4%
  • Nasdaq Composite -0,2%
  • Nasdaq 100 -0.4%
  • Russell 2000 +0,3%
  • SOX -0,8%
  • Nasdaq China Golden Dragon Index +0,1%

Is de ECB weer behind the curve?

For those interested, here’s the entire show. From about 25 minutes.

A year ago yesterday:

Which ones did you have or did you miss?


Scared, bearish bankers, you’re about to buy some of their shares? 🙂

Following the music. As usual.

Meanwhile in China:

How do you say uh-oh in French?

Our gas future TTF has not blinked or faded in recent weeks:

Lo and behold, the gas price even dropped in November:

Have fun and good luck today.

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