There is no gay kiss in the version of the new film Cinderella for the Czechia. They cut him out

“They don’t like the international version, ie the version for us, but the Norwegian version,” confirmed Lukáš Vedral from Bontonfilm.

Why the versions differ is not entirely clear. “We personally believe that this is a sign of distrust and a fear that viewers outside Norway would not accept such a moment,” Vedral said.

At the same time, he did not rule out that viewers in the Czech Republic could eventually see a version with a kiss from men. “We agreed with the producers that we would try to put a Norwegian unmodified version into our cinemas,” he added.

In Norway, the Czech Cinderella was a Christmas classic for decades and director Václav Vorlíček. The new version will be screened there from mid-November, and will arrive at domestic cinemas on December 23.

While the reactions of Norwegian viewers are not yet enthusiastic, reviews in the press are more conciliatory, as they highlight the main heroine’s performance and beautiful winter scenery. The film is said to stick to its model and the kissing scene of two men is the only major difference. According to the reviewers, the fairy tale has a chance to attract especially those who have not seen the original Czech-German film.

Norwegian Three Nuts for Cinderella

Some users of social networks are suspending that the kissing scene in the Czech version of the film should not be.

“We have to defend ourselves against accusations that, as Bontonfilm, we will censor the Norwegian version of Three Nuts for Cinderella, which we will release at Christmas theaters under the title Three Wishes for Cinderella, and in any way interfere with it. We would never have thought of such a step and we would not even have the right to take such a step, “said Vedral.

Around the new film ✨ Three wishes for Cinderella ✨ we started to gather questions about the “censorship” of this film from our …

Posted by BONTONFILM on Wednesday, December 1, 2021

According to him, the international version of the film, intended for distribution outside Norway, does not contain the moment of the kiss of two men at all. “We all consider Cinderella to be ours, however this film and the Norwegian version of Three Nuts is a foreign film and we as a distributor work with a version intended for foreign distribution,” he added.

The filmmakers talk about the film as a feminist fairy tale. The main role was taken by the singer Astrid Smeplassová performing under the name Astrid S.

“Getting the opportunity and privilege to play Cinderella in the new version of Three Nuts for Cinderella is simply a dream. Throughout my childhood, I looked at the original Czech Cinderella every Christmas, because it became part of the Christmas traditions in Norway. It is a role that one approaches with the utmost humility. I like Cinderella and her story very much and I hope that people will want to see our new processing and will like it, “said Smeplassová.

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