There is a strange theory that the actress cannot read

A multitude of videos cross the TikTok platform with a theory that has taken hold in recent weeks and that causes the actress not to know how to read. And is that several users have contributed their grain of sand by uploading different clips in which Lia Michele avoid at all costs to read at public events.

In some of the more viral videos, you can see how the actress participates in different award ceremonies as a presenter, but instead of announcing the winners along with the other presenters, wait for them to say the name to be able to repeat it.

Although these videos have been circulating for years on social networks, it has not been until now that the theory has managed to attract attention, even reaching the same actress as “Glee”.

She herself was tasked with playing down the issue by sharing a funny video in which she wrote: “Calling Jonathan to read me the comments on my first Tik Tok”. So, Lea Michele wanted to join the movement by making this clip herself and laughing at the comments she claims she can’t read.

The video was posted on his Tik Tok profile, although he also wanted to share it on his Instagram and, although it is not clear whether the plot is real or not, he has shown that he takes it with humor.

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@Lea Michele


original sound – Kardashian clip

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