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There is a leaked trailer for Elden Ring »Vortex on the Internet

A new trailer for Elden Ring from the Japanese studio FromSoftware is reportedly roaming the Internet. The magazine came with information Video Games Chronicle with the fact that it is an off-screen demonstration of gameplay. VGC does not share the video with the fact that this is not legally possible, but the trailer is available to the editors.

Update: The first two alleged short clips from the Elden Ring have appeared on the Internet, which you can watch below. According to Eurogamer magazine, the video leaked a few weeks ago. Awaiting the statement of Bandai Namco, which publishes the game.

The original message continues: It would be the first real material for the eagerly awaited game since its announcement at E3 in 2019. The video is to demonstrate a popular event in the style of older games and shows, among other things, two bosses – a dragon spewing fire and an enemy with a sword. The trailer also shows riding and dueling on horseback and the open world.

It is said that only a part of the intended trailer is on the Internet and it does not contain any release date. VGC magazine claims that the game has been postponed internally several times due to a coronavirus pandemic. People familiar with the web project said that working remotely makes production very difficult. One anonymous source therefore says that the game will probably not work this year.

The very fact that we are talking about a trailer, but it may indicate that fans will actually receive some new information in the foreseeable future, as has already been he speculates for a while.

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