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There are no words: Klári Katona lost the love of her life

“Perhaps I have never told anyone how many times I dreamed of myself in a blessed state as a little girl. I have imagined many times what I will be like when I am expecting a baby. How could I have thought that one day all of this would go away, and one day a two-year-old and eight-month-old girl would come into my life, so that from then on we would share a mother-child relationship. How? Alone. Without history. Bookish-free. After the first months of my new situation, I wished that everyone had a so-called child that was not their own, to whom they were given sweet, their own. In the case of a child who is not one’s own, there is a history. This can never be ignored. Compared to that, you have to build trust, love, give security, ask, teach, give. Mother-warm if needed,” the singer wrote in her book.

This is how life compensated him for his own child, who was never born. However, in 2018, the windows of his life closed even more, which could no longer be overcome: he lost the love of his life, Gyula Babos. And as before, Klári Katona did not talk about her grief and pain.

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