Theo Hiddema returns to FVD as senator in the Senate | NOW

Theo Hiddema is going back to work at Forum for Democracy (FVD), he says NRC Wednesday. The criminal lawyer left the parliamentary party in November due to a fight within the party, but says he will now return to FVD as a senator in the Senate.

Hiddema will take the seat of former FVD member Nicky Pouw-Verweij, who will enter the House of Representatives before JA21 and thus give up her place in the senate. He tells the newspaper that he wants to return as a representative of the people because FVD has “a wonderful program”.

In november stated the 77-year-old politician is still “politically incapacitated for work” and left parliament abruptly. The criminal lawyer left because of anti-Semitic and extreme right-wing statements in WhatsApp groups at the youth branch JFVD.

“I ended up in that bustle and I didn’t feel like it anymore, because you are associated with that gunk anyway. I have orientated myself sufficiently and I now know: there are no more wappies behind the curtains”, Hiddema said in a Wednesday. statement NRC.

Internal quarrel led to an exodus at FVD

Due to the hassle within Forum for Democracy, a large number of candidate MPs and senators left. When Baudet became party leader again in an internal referendum of the board, Hiddema made himself available as a pusher for the list in the parliamentary elections. There he came later anyway back to back.

Hiddema could also have been in the Senate in 2019 because of the large number of preferential votes he received in the Provincial Council elections. At the time, he was in the Lower House for FVD and did not want to make that switch.

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Hiddema wants to combine his work as a senator with his work as a criminal lawyer. He may be sworn in next Tuesday.


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