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The Year of the Rabbit opened a red market and focused on three major directions | Anue tycoon-Taiwan stock news

After the closure of the Year of the Tiger, the super earnings reports of the U.S. stock market appeared one after another, and the U.S. stock market during the holiday periodDow Jones IndexAlthough it only fell by 0.9%, the Taiwan stocks moved higherNasdaqThe index fell 4.3%,Philadelphia SemiconductorThe index soared 5.2%, and TSMC’s ADR soared nearly 7.5%, showing that technology stocks were mixed. Semiconductors are expected to lead this week’s Year of the Rabbit market. In addition, the domestic cabinet reshuffle ushered in a new atmosphere, which is beneficial to boost the market. Bullish atmosphere, but pay attention, the market is waiting for the results of the first meeting of FOMC this year in the second half of this week.

During the Spring Festival, TSMC’s ADR was not significantly impacted by Intel’s pessimistic financial forecast, and the total rose by nearly 7.5%. The legal person believes that this is good for the opening of the Year of the Rabbit on Monday. The market may still have a certain impact on the endurance of Taiwan electronics stocks, so we must pay attention to the endurance after a short-term rebound.

The cabinet has been reorganized into another market focus, and former Vice President Chen Jianren with a background in biotechnology has taken over the post of Premier. The investment sentiment in biotechnology stocks is expected to continue the trend of bargain hunting a few years ago.

However, the legal person reminded that the new US House of Representatives Speaker McCarthy intends to visit Taiwan in the spring. If the cross-strait political situation becomes more tense, it will put pressure on Taiwan stocks to rise.

In addition, it can be observed that the direction of foreign investment has been deployed in advance since January. From the beginning of January to the closing day, foreign investors bought 186,000 units of UMC, 133,000 units of TSMC, more than 100,000 units of Shin Kong Gold, and 76,000 units of Taiwan Enterprise Bank. , 74,000 Yuanta Gold, nearly 70,000 development funds, more than 53,000 CITIC Gold, Taishin Gold, and Yongfeng Gold, and about 45,000 Zhaofeng Gold, obviously intending to compete with the wafer duo and financial stocks. Enter the market at a low level.

Since January, Touxin has bought nearly 41,000 bids from UMC, more than 10,000 bids from Yulong, Sinosteel and AUO, 9,700 bids from Jinju, 8,200 bids from Taiwan Cement and Zhonghong, and 7,700 bids from CITIC Gold since January. Zhang, Tianyu 7400 pieces, brand new 7100 pieces.

SinoPac Securities mentioned that the US Federal Reserve raised interest rates by 17 yards last year, which was the most aggressive pace since the 1980s. The first FOMC meeting this year was held from January 31 to February 1, and the decision-making results will be announced in Taipei. The announcement in the early morning of February 2 is expected to cause a certain degree of shock to the market.

SinoPac Securities believes that the pressure of the rapid rise in US benchmark interest rates on stock market valuation corrections is expected to ease, and the follow-up observation will focus on how long the current interest rates will last.

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