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“The Wonderful Life: 6 Secrets of a 102-Year-Old Doctor for a Happy and Healthy Life”

A 102-year-old American doctor said that decades of experience taught her lessons for a healthy, happy and purposeful life.

And the doctor, Gladys McGarry, revealed these things in her book, “The Wonderful Life: 6 Secrets of a 102-year-old Doctor for a Healthy and Happy Life at Every Age.”

McGarry said, according to the website CNBCThe American, many people live under unnecessary stress, and happy and healthy people are the ones who manage to get rid of those stresses and experiences that do not benefit them.

She explained that the habit that made her have a healthy and happy life was to get rid of those stressful matters, and the ability to rebuild things like relationships and career, again.

She also pointed out that the happiest people are able to determine the appropriate time to move forward, and not stick to things that may make them feel psychological pressure.

Steps to decompress

The doctor explained an exercise to decompress and move forward, by playing some upbeat music and walking around the area around your home or neighborhood.

This is by letting your body move freely and smoothly while walking, and it may even come to letting your body dance a little with the music.

After this mental preparation, you can move on to these three steps:

– Identify something that makes you feel pressure and that you cannot remove from your life, it may be friendship, a way of thinking, professional aspirations, or even a feeling of anger, or something else.

– Imagine that you are able to hold these things in your fist, you may feel that your fist is narrowing, squeeze those imagined things in your fist tightly.

– To let it go away, move your hand back and forth and slowly open your fingers, before completely loosening your fist and getting rid of what’s inside.

You can also, however, say phrases that have a meaning that is very important to you, such as “it doesn’t matter” or similar phrases that go along with what you’re thinking.

Once you’re done, the doctor recommends, take a moment to reflect and appreciate the emotional state you’ve been through and imagine life flowing through you.

The doctor also confirms that the happiest people she knew during her life were those who were able to determine the appropriate time to give up the things that cause them stress.

She said that everyone makes mistakes. “Forgive yourself, and if necessary, ask forgiveness from others, and so you can move on in life.”

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