The weekend of the biggest discounts begins. The Czechs will spend four billion on Black Friday

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. This year, the traditional discount Friday became a marketing event lasting for several retailers for several weeks. The highlight will be the so-called Cyber ​​Monday, which focuses mainly on electronics.

“If we compare it with the current weekend of this year, the increase is more than 150 percent,” says Samuel Huba, CEO of Shoptet, whose trading platform is used by 28,000 e-shops, more than half of the market.

“Four billion in these few days means that every citizen of this republic, including infants, has spent 400 crowns on the Internet,” he added.


  • Shoptet was created as a project of Cybergenics by Tomáš Krejčí and Miroslav Uďan.
  • In 2011, the investor and co-founder of the portal joined the company Ondřej Tomek. The current owners are Miroslav Uďan and Ondřej Tomek.
  • It operates in three countries: the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.
  • This year, they plan to achieve a turnover of 300 million crowns. The turnover of all e-shops operating on their platform amounts to 40 billion crowns per year.

Discounts from units up to tens of percent this year also attracted older vintages.

“Seventy people who have been holding stone shops until the pandemic are now shopping in e-shops,” Samuel Huba mentions this autumn’s trend.

The most common items in an online shopping cart are electronics, computer games and components, game consoles, toys and seasonal clothing.

Christmas shopping started earlier

Clogged Suez, lack of chips, slow international shipping, supplier problems – all of this has caused customers to start thinking about Christmas presents earlier this year.

“Certainly no one wants to put an electronic piano voucher under their Christmas tree, for example, with the proviso that it could come in six months,” Samuel Huba explained.

So when to buy so that the package arrives on time? You will find out in the interview in the video above.



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