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The Wandering Earth vs Dune: Battle of the Sci-Fi Giants – Which Series Reigns Supreme?

Who is the king of science fiction movies: “The Wandering Earth” and “Dune” collide, which series do you prefer?

2024-03-16 07:22:19 Source:Nomad Starry Sky Author: Shan Mengwa Editor: Xuehua Comments()

“Dune” director Denis Villeneuve recently came to China for promotion and had a conversation with “The Wandering Earth” director Guo Fan.

When the two talked about adapting the original novels of famous works into movies, the original work of “Dune” was very long and full of details, while the original work of “The Wandering Earth” was relatively “small” in scale.

The two faced different situations, but they had the same purpose: to make necessary choices and adaptations and create a film-like work while retaining the spiritual core as much as possible.

Denis Villeneuve talked to director Guo Fan. Villeneuve said that he had watched the first and second parts of “The Wandering Earth” and was moved by the film’s exploration of “sacrifice” and “grief”. He also praised the scene scheduling and visuals. Effects, service, etc., he also said with a smile: “The grandeur of “The Wandering Earth 2″ makes my movie like an independent movie!”

Guo Fan said that he really likes the sand hammer used to summon sandworms in “Dune 2”, “like a taxi app, and then the sandworms appear like high-speed trains”; and the two-pole lens used by Villeneuve, a huge panorama and an extremely microscopic view. Close-ups, such as often grand shots followed by flashes of gravel, and microscopic details like this, increase the tension and dramatic tension in the picture, allowing the audience to enter this world.

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