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The volunteers are ready!

While waiting for the big return of the parades on Wednesday 2 and Sunday 6 February, the chestnut room takes on the air of a beehive!

10,000 flowers per float

Indeed, like bees, the volunteers of the festival committee work with enthusiasm and organization. Everyone has their own task, from making the approximately 10,000 flowers per tank on average to staking them out in the previously machined and painted metal structures.

This year, eleven floats will travel through the city in a joyful farandole. As usual, no particular theme. The revelers grouped by district of the town chose their own creation and were once again very imaginative. In addition to the unbeatable Monsieur Carnaval and the Queen’s float with Ludivine Georget and her dauphines, children’s favorite heroes will be doing their show.

A ton of confetti

Thus, Pil the young orphan will rub shoulders with Luca who has come from an underwater world. How will the Pokémon and Mickey and Minnie react? There is no doubt that everyone will jump into the parade with joy. In total, no less than 80 members of the festival committee give birth to all these little people and more than 150 volunteers who help organize the parades. After a year 2021 without carnival, Covid obliges, they are all eager to resume this beautiful Malemortoise tradition.

In the coming weeks, it will be the turn of the ton of confetti that will be put in the pocket, allowing everyone to compete in very jubilant battles during the carnival.

“I am happy with the result provided by the volunteers, especially in this very special context,” says committee chairman Denis Rigon.

And to continue, “everyone played the game. After all these efforts, we hope that the weather will be good so that we can welcome as many people as possible to Brive and Malemort. »

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