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‘Lo + viral’ is one of the audience’s favorite sections of ‘Ecclesia’, the socio-religious magazine that TRECE issues los domingos at 13:00. every several weeks, Charles de Arteaga It brings us closer to those video clips, Instagram stories, TikTok or photographs that have attracted attention in the Catholic universe of social networks.

In this month of December, fever for the World Cup is rampant in Qatar, and one of the images that made the most trips on the internet was the one created by the Ecuadorian team. After defeating the host country, the players knelt on the field to thank God for their victory. A whole public testimony of faith, in a country where Christianity is also a minority while Islam is the official state religion. Although the most viral video that has left us the selection was recorded inside the hotel where they were concentrating. In one of the rooms, several players shared a moment that they openly displayed to the audience without any complexes.

And completely immersed in the Advent season, a few days ago even Will Smith surprised on his Instagram account. The shooting of a film in which he is participating was interrupted by the rain and, far from being discouraged, he decided to share a beautiful message with his followers: sometimes it’s nice to stop and contemplate God.

And others of the last-day viral phenomena have a habit. I am the Mercedarian Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament. These Cleveland nuns have trained Gia, a dog, who, in addition to sharing the Eucharist and even adoration with them, is also dedicated to bringing joy to everyone he meets. In particular, to the children of the convent school, who play and interact with it in the classroom as an innovative therapeutic resource. A whole work of evangelization which, in addition to being curious, is very effective.

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