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The video showing the divorce between the players and …

So far, the distance between the ‘heavyweights’ of the locker room FC Barcelona and the coaching staff headed by Quique Setién they were information from some internal sources. However, during the game that the Catalans played at the stadium Sweep against him Celta Vigo and that ended in a draw, images were seen that show the tremendous gap between soccer players and coaches.

The videos invite you to think that this season there is no one to save her. First with Luis Suárez’s surprising statements after the game, in which he attacked Setién’s coaching staff. “There is something for the coaches, to analyze those kinds of situations. We give everything inside the boss and you have the feeling that outside the home we are losing many important points that we did not lose other seasons,” he said.

To the words of Suárez we must add the images provided by ‘El Partidazo de Movistar’ that occurred during the hydration break of the second half in Balaídos. In them, you can perfectly see ‘heavyweights’ as Leo Messi The Ivan Rakitic dedicating ugly gestures to Eder Sarabia, second from Setién, while the Cantabrian coach remains stunned at these sequences.

The most viral has been that of the Argentine. During the break, Sarabia approaches him to make a comment and, when Messi hears him, turns to ignore him completely.. The ’10’ turns again to leave the bottle of water in his hands, Sarabia tries to speak to him again but the captain culé again ignores him in a gesture as ugly as evidence of the total divorce between players and technicians.

For his part, Rakitic also made another rather ugly gesture when he was receiving directions on the same hydration break. Instead of listening to the entire explanation, the Croatian midfielder seems to get tired, before turning around and raising his arm in an unfortunate contempt for the coaching staff.

The images make clear the total divorce that exists between the coaching staff and some players, in addition to the little respect that important players such as Messi or Rakitic have for the coaching staff. Curiously, Suarez accused the coaches of not doing enough analytical work, although perhaps the problem is not that the coaches don’t, but that the players ignore them.

Messi and Rakitic’s ugly gestures

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