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The Unstoppable Popularity of Iced Coffee in Winter: Surprising Statistics and Analysis

Although it is the season for warm coffee, there are many people around us who drink only iced coffee even in this weather. The unstoppable popularity of iced coffee this winter is also proven by numbers.

This is reporter Kim Hye-min.


People wearing thick padding and gloves while carrying iced coffee and drinks.

This is a common scene during winter.

[이후림/서울 금천구 : 너무 뜨거우면 입도 데고, 입천장이 데는 게 싫어서 아이스(음료)를 먹게 되는 것 같아요.]

[윤재희/서울 양천구 : (안에서) 일을 많이 하니까 차가운 게 오래가서 좋아하는 것 같고 뜨거운 거는 이제 쉽게 식으니까 별로….]

The popularity of iced drinks continues to grow.

The sales portion of ice drinks at one large coffee franchise already surpassed warm drinks in 2015, and rose to 75% last year.

In the third week of December last year, when the cold wave warning went into effect, ice accounted for 46% of Americanos sold.

At one convenience store, sales of PB product iced coffee beans increased by 36.4% compared to the previous year.

Koreans’ love for iced drinks is due to the ‘hurry up’ urgent social atmosphere, it was once a fad and has become a phenomenon, each person offers their own analysis.

It seems strange that foreign countries also used the word ‘Eoljuk-a’ and interpreted it as “I drink cold coffee to get caffeine faster.”

Typically, franchises set the price of iced drinks more expensive due to ice, etc., but the prices are gradually becoming the same.

[김두얼 교수/명지대 경제학과 : 여러 가지 비용이 상대적으로 부담이 적어지게 되는 효과가 발생할 수가 있습니다. 예를 들어서 제빙기라든가 이런 걸 설치했을 때 고정비용이 커피 한 잔 당으로 낮아지는 효과가….]

Companies are also using it for marketing, such as increasing the menu of ice drinks regardless of the season.

(Video coverage: Hwang In-seok, Video editing: Park Ji-in, Design: Jang Seong-beom, Seo Dong-min)

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