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The unsolved mystery of the world’s number one country for colorectal cancer

The unsolved mystery of the world’s number one country for colorectal cancer:

What do you think?


The following is a reflection on the unsolved mysteries of colorectal cancer in the world’s number one country,

It’s for reference only, it’s up to you whether you believe it or not.



You may have heard that colorectal cancer is the number one cancer in Taiwan.

I thought Taiwan had the largest colorectal cancer population in the world.

Actually no, the real number one in the world is Hungary.

What kind of food do Hungarians mainly eat and are prone to colorectal cancer?

This is what netizens paid me to ask.

He said he could share it with netizens.

According to medical statistics,

The incidence rate of colorectal cancer ranks first in the world.

Actually it’s Hungary, then Slovakia, Norway,

The Netherlands, Denmark, Slovenia… and other countries,

The incidence rate of colorectal cancer in Taiwan actually ranks relatively low.

So netizens are very curious,

What Hungarians mainly like to eat?

Is the number of people with colorectal cancer number one in the world?

Is it because of frequent drinking?

Because the irresponsible scientist said again,

Acetaldehyde, a metabolite of alcohol, can easily lead to colorectal cancer.

Is it really?

I’ll just take a look.

Induction result:

The induction result is that it is not wine as scientists said.

But it should be explained in more detail,

At least some of the types of wine I’ve seen,

For example, certain types of beer will not cause colorectal cancer.

What really puts Hungarians at the top of the list for colorectal cancer is that

their favorite food [ 匈牙利牛肉湯 ],

This is the main reason why Hungarians rank first in colorectal cancer in the world.

But I looked at the ingredients of beef soup in detail.

It doesn’t seem to have any special ingredients.

They are just some very common ingredients.

My guess is that these ingredients are all mixed together and cooked.

There will be some kind of special change, this special change,

Even if scientists study until the end of the world,

Even if the earth is destroyed and reborn three hundred times, it is impossible to know the answer.

So no doctor or expert will tell Hungarians,

Your favorite Hungarian beef soup,

This is the main culprit that causes you to have the highest number of colorectal cancers in the world.

It’s up to you whether you believe what I said above or not.

If you like Hungarian beef soup,

Just be careful, your body is your own.



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