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The unsolved death of Lucía Garrido arrives at the Malaga Film Festival


Updated:26/05/2021 13:44h


On April 30, 2008, Lucía Garrido was murdered in the swimming pool of the Los Naranjos estate in Alhaurín de la Torre (Málaga). Since then the crime remains unsolved. The Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA) ordered to repeat the trial with a popular jury of last February 2020. In the process, all the accused were acquitted for perpetrating that death, both the alleged intellectual authors, including her husband, and the material author of the events. The murder was found without guilty twelve years after it was committed. Now that process is narrated in a documentary series, which It will premiere on June 8 at the Malaga Film Festival.

Tomás Ocaña and Rafael González will premiere the first chapter of a series in which It is assured that in this case the institutions failed Lucia. The documentary includes the “brave and unequal” struggle of Rosa Garrido, the deceased’s sister, and Ignacio Carrasco, general secretary of the Unified Civil Guard Association in Malaga, who is portrayed as “a decorated agent disabled by an alleged paranoia , which he attributes to his battle against the corruption of prominent members of the Benemérita on the Costa del Sol ».

In the synopsis of the documentary it is stated that “Lucía Garrido could have died from knowing too much.” The phrase is said by the head of Internal Affairs responsible for Operation Cobweb, which brought several civil guards and Lucia’s husband to the bench for her death.

The documentary is released when the murder is pending trial for the second time, because the TSJA determined that there had been “undue acquittals.” The Andalusian High Court In February 2020, the sentence for which the four defendants were acquitted was considered null and void.. He returned the proceedings to the Provincial Court of Malaga. This must hold a new trial with a different court and presiding magistrate, as requested by the Prosecutor’s Office and the private prosecution exercised by the family of the deceased and the AUGC.

In the next trial, only two of the four defendants will have to appear: the ex-husband of Lucía Garrido and another man who was also tried as the alleged perpetrator of the crime. However, the TSJA maintains the acquittal of the two civil guards that the popular jury found not guilty. The sentence explains that the private prosecution, in its second motive for appeal, focuses on the inconsistencies in the voting on the different points of the verdict.

The analysis of this verdict has allowed the detection of “an insurmountable defect that determines its nullity”, given that in two points none of the legal majorities was reached to declare the proven or unproven facts, which sparked a ‘hung jury’, leading to ‘improper acquittals’.

This is how Lucia’s ex-husband and the alleged murderer will return to the bench as defendants who, according to forensic details, supposedly hit her head with a brick, then stabbed her, then choked her and ripped off her earrings. The body was found floating in the pool and the family was told it had been a suicide. It was the forensics themselves who changed the version to start an investigation into this dark murder, which has been waiting for justice for 12 years.

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