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The United States seeks justice from China on behalf of Israel

The United States cannot tolerate others looking down on its closest allies, especially those who regard themselves as a “big country” and say that Israel, a “small country”, is not qualified to fight… The United States has really shown its true intentions and publicly exposed that there is a country that turns out to be very powerful. “Scum”. The story has twists and turns and is worth talking about.

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The latest report from “Voice of America”: “Hu Xijin, the former editor-in-chief of the Global Times, a Chinese Weibo celebrity, said not long ago that even if China does not stand with “Israel” at this time, “little Israel” is not “qualified” to “remember China” “hatred” because China is a “big country” and Israel does not dare to “really offend China.” This US official media seriously dug up a piece of “exchanges” between China and Israel, and was called a “Wolf Warrior” by foreign media. Hu Xijin’s face: “Israel was once the “teacher” of China’s drone technology.”

The United States is actually the master of modern military drones. During the Cold War era of the last century, it was specially used for reconnaissance of the Soviet Union and China. From 1964 to 1970, China shot down a total of 19 American BQM-147H unmanned reconnaissance aircraft. “This unmanned reconnaissance aircraft It can be dropped by rocket launch or large transport aircraft. After completing the high-altitude photo reconnaissance mission, it can be recovered by parachute.” Relatively speaking, Chinese drones are very backward at this time.

The development of drones in China began in the 1950s. It is reported that they tried to copy the American “Ryan Model 147” drone through reverse engineering, but failed. This instead inspired China’s determination to develop drones. ——In the early 1960s, China began to develop its own drones. In the early days, they were just simple radio-controlled aircraft with insufficient performance and reliability, but they laid the foundation for the development of China’s drones. Entering this century, China’s drone technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. What key processes have it gone through?

“In 1994, Israel exported the “Harpy” anti-radiation suicide drone to China. It was one of the most advanced anti-radiation drones in the world at the time and was also used by China as a trump card to break through Taiwan’s air defense system. After China The UAV was reverse-engineered and mapped, and the imitation model ASN-301 anti-radiation UAV was equipped in the Chinese army. In 2017, when China put this imitation model on display for sale, many Chinese media used the term “from imitation to export”. “As a title, we can see the impact of Israeli technology on China’s improvement of military power.”

Additional information: Harpy is named after the harpy in Greek mythology. It was developed in the 1990s. It can be launched from a truck and can actively attack enemy radar detection. It is also known as the “Radar Killer”.

Mainland China Online provides narratives from different U.S. official media, “In the 1990s, China introduced Harpy anti-radiation drones from Israel. When the equipment was subsequently upgraded, the United States interfered, causing the project to abort. However, China also obtained relevant technical reserves from it. , laying the foundation for the development of its own anti-radiation drones.” In other words, the United States forced a temporary suspension of China-Israel military technical cooperation, but China has the ability to “get pregnant after just one glance” in technological learning, and it was only 30 years later. , “China has now become a major UAV producer and exporter in the world.” Not to mention Israel, Chinese UAVs have even left the United States behind.

China is a big country in terms of economy, technology, market, and talent. Furthermore, the biggest difference with Israel is not the democratic free election of one person, one vote, but that China is 100% efficient in everything from drones to nuclear submarines to manned space rockets. In terms of independent research and development, there is no such thing as the United States giving everything to Israel. Only the United States uses the whole country to impose technological sanctions. China is still making progress to this day. What is this not a great country? As for Hu Xijin’s “Little Israel” talk, it seems that he is not targeting this “small country”, but asking the United States behind you, does it have the guts to offend China?

From beginning to end, there is a storm in the tea cup, but there are people who can’t finish the cup of tea.

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The Asia-Pacific strategic situation is not as stable as expected. The United States has not given up on obstructing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the great cause of reunification. Latest news: Lai Ching-te of the Democratic Progressive Party announced that she will partner with Hsiao Meiqin in next year’s Taiwan election.

The Democratic Progressive Party's

The Democratic Progressive Party’s “Lai Xiaopei” is the candidate for next year’s Taiwan election. AP pictures

On the day of the meeting between the Chinese and US presidents in San Francisco, word of “Lai Xiaopei” had reached Beijing. At the press conference of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council on November 15, spokesperson Zhu Fenglian said: “If the rumors are true, these two people can make up for it.” I think every Taiwan compatriot is very clear about what the combination of “dual independence and independence” means to the situation across the Taiwan Strait, what it means to the wealth and lives of Taiwanese people, and what it means to Taiwan’s future and destiny.” When it comes to wealth and life, I really can’t say. Please interpret it yourself.

If you are still unclear, please read what Xi Jinping said during his visit: “Xi Jinping elaborated on the principled position on the Taiwan issue in depth, pointing out that the Taiwan issue has always been the most important and sensitive issue in Sino-US relations. China attaches great importance to the US’s presence in Bali Relevant positive statements made during the meeting. The United States should embody its stance of not supporting “Taiwan independence” into concrete actions, stop arming Taiwan, and support China’s peaceful reunification.” Finally, President Xi told the world in front of Biden: “China will eventually Unification must also be unified.”

However, immediately after Xi’s visit, the United States, through the Secretary of Defense and then the White House, announced its commitment to “unchanged arms sales to Taiwan.” In fact, Biden’s repeated declaration that he “does not support Taiwan’s independence” contains something else. One sentence: “It does not support China’s opposition to Taiwan independence.” Xi’s visit is only a request from the United States. Since last year, U.S. Speaker Pelosi insisted on visiting Taiwan, to the spy balloon incident at the beginning of the year, and to the escalation of the South China Sea issue in the middle of the year, Japan and South Korea have been clamoring for the Taiwan Strait issue. —A technical pause in this “cliff jumping” game between China and the United States.

Why does China want to pause with the United States? The highest strategy for the struggle between China and the United States is to “fight without breaking”. The United States is responsible for “fighting”, and we vigorously prevent “breaking”. The marathon continues, but it is the aggressive side of the United States that is tired and calls for timeout from time to time. Deng Xiaoping made his judgment at the 12th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 1982: “China-US relations will neither get better nor get any worse.”

So what if the DPP can gain power again next year? The biggest test of “Independence on top” is not Beijing but Washington. Biden has stated that he cannot change China’s system and is unwilling to provoke a new Cold War. However, if “Taiwan independence” gets out of control, the US strategy will be out of control. Biden has publicly reiterated on many occasions that the United States will inevitably intervene in the military unification of Taiwan. Since he has made it so clear, he has recently supported Japan, South Korea, Australia, the Philippines, Canada, and India to target China. In the end, he will support Taiwan’s independence. If so, China The United States will eventually have to fight, which will also determine whether the United States can stay in the Asia-Pacific. Don’t push any more war games. By then, the People’s Liberation Army will not only have a small pattern of landing in Taiwan? As the saying goes in Hong Kong: It’s time to have fun!

Taiwan has always thought that it is a model of democracy, a global chip supply center, and a branch of American semiconductors; moreover, it is China’s attempt to achieve 10 years of rapid progress in the technology industry through unification – this is a beautiful misunderstanding, even if Taiwan moves TSMC The United States cannot help American semiconductors achieve local mass production. At the same time, China has no need to seek technological independence from the other side. In the end, Taiwan is just a specimen of “Taiwanese democracy.”

According to additional information, Lee Teng-hui was under the KMT dictatorship before. Soong Chu-yu, Lien Chan, Chen Shui-bian, and Ma Ying-jeou worked together to perform superb election campaigns in the 2000s. It was a political game passed down by the dictator in a patriarchal manner. You think, which one was not arranged by Lee Teng-hui? It is Taiwan’s turn to blatantly promote Taiwan’s independence. In the future, Taiwan may become more independent. It is said that this is also an arrangement of the United States, which is an indirect colonial democracy.

Lai Qingde countered the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council by saying: Chinese officials have not been baptized by democracy. Yes, you are the only one in China who is most honored to have had such a baptism, so take care of yourself.

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