The Unimaginable Backstory of Carlo Cracco: From Seminary School Aspirations to Multi-Starred Chef

Carlo Cracco – StreetFoodNews (Instagram photo)

Chef and television personality, Carlo Cracco would have liked to do something completely different in life. The backstory that emerges is unimaginable.

We met him in the role of judge a MasterChef, where with a rigid attitude and a streak of malice he judged the work of aspiring chefs, often raising the tone a little too much.

Ma Carlo Cracco he’s not bad, “they paint him like that”, just to quote. A role therefore, as he himself underlined a TiscaliNwews where he said: “At Masterchef we don’t mistreat anyone, but we have to be vigilant because they always try to be a bit of a phenomenon. Let’s not forget that we have the task of finding a good chef who can then continue this activity. Severity is necessary because we demand seriousness.”

Pand then launch a jab at the reality show par excellence: “We are not Big Brother where the contestant goes to act stupid and the more he does it, the better. Our competitors must necessarily know how to cook. Our severity is linked to this and regardless of people.” He evidently doesn’t have a good opinion of the program Gentlemen.

In any case, today he is no longer on broadcast, and in addition to managing his premises in Milan, the Cracco restaurant and Carlo and Camilla in the sawmill, he also dedicates himself to other TV programmes. And he admits that he didn’t intend for him to become the multi-starred chef he is today.

Carlo Cracco: the true vocation

We see him as serious and serious and yet Carlo Cracco he has fragilities like all human beings. Luckily, one might say. His wife revealed it Rosa Fanti who in an interview some time ago with Vanity Fair tells: “Carlo is self-made, he’s been working since he was 16, and he’s earned the confidence he conveys. He has fragilities like everyone else, the nice thing is that he admits them.”

And then he adds: “If you go and look at the old photos, you will realize that Carlo was never handsome, and he is not used to being considered that way. In recent years he has certainly changed: his hair, his beard, his clothes.” And he changed so much that he actually didn’t even want to be a chef.

Carlo Cracco – StreetFoodNews (Instagram photo)

What he wanted to become in his youth

It was himself who revealed the unexpected truth Carlo Cracco in a face to face with Silvia Toffani who hosted him in his living room Very true.

Here the chef admitted: “I wanted to go to secondary school in the seminary, my friends all had the vocation and the priest wanted us to attend the seminary, but my dad told me ‘you have a vocation for food and perfumes, finish school and then you will go to the seminary ‘”. We know well how it ended.

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