the unexpected support of Laurent Joffrin in “L’heure des pros”

“After the ESCP, Sciences Po Paris has just banned me from lecturing within its walls. At the same time, they welcomed Mélenchon and Poutou: their alleged pluralism is a joke. The cancel culture practiced by these small censors is underway. walk”. This is the message published by Geoffroy Lejeune, editorial director of Current values, this November 13 on Twitter.

Taxed to be too far to the right, at the invitation of Pascal Praud, the journalist came to defend himself on the set of Time for the pros, this November 16. And while the chroniclers of the program have jointly criticized the decision of the establishment of the rue Saint Guillaume, which they describe as “censure”, the animator with glasses turned to Laurent Joffrin, who had not said a word.

He who often plays the role of the only man of the left against all was recalled to the debate: “Laurent Joffrin your silence is deafening in this discussion … “. And the former boss of Liberation responds in a small voice:“No no I’m listening to you, I am for freedom of expression, so I condemn this kind of thing there is no problem“.

Since “the cage”, where it had been installed by the production to intervene in duplex in the show, Geoffroy Lejeune declared: “Thank you Laurent Joffrin, that makes me very happy!“And Laurent Joffrin to answer him:”I’m not saying that to please you “.

All smiles, Geoffroy Lejeune, who is also a columnist in Cyril Hanouna’s weekly show, Balance ton post, insisted: “And well that makes me very happy anyway i’m sorry“.




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