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The Ultimate Guide to Private Plane Prices in Saudi Arabia and the Cost of Chartering

What is the price of a Saudi private plane? What is the price of chartering a private jet? Since the prices of private planes in Saudi Arabia vary depending on many factors such as the types, size of the plane, and the number of days it is rented, so today we learn about the prices of several types of private planes.

Price of a Saudi private plane

The prices of private planes vary depending on their types and sizes. The Airbus plane is one of the most expensive private planes in the world, and its price reaches 8 billion and seventy-five million Saudi riyals. It is one of the largest private planes in the world in size, not only in price. This plane is designed for flights. The unique business, so today we learn about the prices of private jets, are:

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Boeing 747-430 price

This is the second most expensive private plane in the world, and its price reaches 375 million Saudi riyals. The Sultan of Brunei bought this plane, modified it and made it contain several large bedrooms, a living room, and bathrooms, in addition to decorating it with precious stones.

The price of the Boeing 747-81

This plane has 4 engines and is equipped to receive hundreds of guests at any time. This plane is called the “Dreamliner” and its price reaches 573,750,000 Saudi riyals, and it is owned by millionaire Joseph Low.

Gulfstream jet price

The price of this plane starts at 243,750,000 riyals, and the American actor Tyler Perry bought it and converted it into a movie hall, specializing in showing animated films. He spent 225 thousand riyals on it.

Bombardier Global 800 aircraft

It is characterized by its low fuel consumption compared to other planes, and this plane has a high level of luxury. This is one of the best private planes and its price reaches 247,500,000 Saudi riyals.

Airbus ACJ319 aircraft

This plane is one of the best types of international planes. It uses low fuel rates from aircraft, and its price is 247,500,000 Saudi riyals. It is characterized by high safety and luxury factors.

Challenger 600 price

This plane was manufactured in one of the aircraft manufacturing companies in Canada, and after that the ownership right was bought by Lambardier Aerospace, and this plane was sold for 18,500,000 riyals, and this plane is owned by many wealthy company managers or businessmen.

The cost of renting a private plane in Saudi Arabia

The cost of renting is per hour, depending on the flight, the type of aircraft, and the purpose of renting it. Prices are as follows:

Aircraft type

Number of individuals

Price in Saudi Riyals/hour

Large private plane

From 16 to 50

The cost is 86,250

Medium private plane



Small private plane

From 2 to 8


There are many aircraft that are rented, whether inside or outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, such as football players, actors, or groups of businessmen, but you must know the factors on which these aircraft are chosen, as they are not just for luxury.

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