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The Ultimate Guide to ASRock H610M-HDV M.2+ D5 Motherboard: Everything You Need to Know

The recent trend in computer cases is to use tempered glass on the sides and have many perforations on the bezel. Also, more than three basic coolers are installed inside, and these coolers are also equipped with ARGB, so the RGB LED inside the computer is projected as is. The exterior color was generally black, but recently, the freedom of case colors such as white, pink, and green has increased. And white cases used to be sold at a higher price than black cases, but these days most of them are sold at the same price. It can be seen that along with black, white is also a popular color.

■ ASRock H610M-HDV M.2+ D5 – Aswin

▲ Brief specifications: Intel (Socket 1700) / Intel H610 / M-ATX (22.0×19.3cm) / Power supply: 6+1+1 phase / Memory DDR5 / 5600MHz (PC5-44800) / 2 / Memory capacity: Up to 96GB / M.2 connection: PCIe, NVMe / rear terminal D-SUB / HDMI / DP / USB 3.0 / USB 2.0 / RJ-45 / audio jack / PS/2 / LAN/audio wired LAN chipset: Realtek 8111H / Gigabit / RJ-45 : 1 / Audio chipset: Realtek ALC897/887 / 7.1 channel (8ch) / Internal I/OI/O header: USB 3.0 header, USB 2.0 header, ARGB 5V 3-pin header, TPM header / System fan 4-pin: 1 / USB2.0 header: 1 / USB3.0 header: 1 / Features UEFI

▲ ASRock H610M-HDV M.2+ D5 motherboard is the H610 chipset and the cheapest series product. In addition to the main board itself, it provides simple accessories such as a simple user manual, IO shield, and SATA3 cable.

▲ The ASRock H610M-HDV M.2+ D5 motherboard can be expanded up to 64GB in a dual-channel configuration through two memory slots, and the maximum usable memory clock is DDR5-5600.

▲ The connection between the motherboard and power is made with one 24-pin standard connector and one 8-pin 12V connector. When looking at the configuration of the power supply of the motherboard, it is a standard shape.

▲ The power supply of the motherboard is a double forward type digital VRM 6 +1+1, with a total of 8 phases. Looking at the power supply configuration alone, it is possible to use up to Core i3 and i5. Because it is an H610 chipset, it can use 12th, 13th, and 14th generation core processors.

▲ The motherboard has four SATA3 ports, two vertical and two horizontal. Depending on the convenience of wiring, you can connect a hard disk or 2.5-inch SSD to the above ports.

▲ Only one M.2 2280 slot without a heat sink is provided and supports up to Gen3 x4 speed. Although the specifications are a bit disappointing, an inexpensive M.2 2280 standard SSD can be installed.

▲ The onboard sound codec uses Realtek’s ALC897, and the LAN controller uses Realtek RTL8111H, enabling up to 1Gbps wired Internet.

▲ The IO shield configuration is a bit unique in that it uses a D-SUB port for older displays, and a total of three monitors can be connected, including DisplayPort and HDMI ports. It supports a total of three USB ports, one of which supports a USB Type C port, making it a somewhat universal USB port configuration.

▲ Through the update of Windows 11 Pro, you can check the motherboard name in Device Manager.

■ View ASRock H610M-HDV M.2+ D5 BIOS

▲ The basic BIOS UI configuration of Asrock motherboards, Easy Mode and Advanced Mode, can be toggled by pressing the F6 key.

▲ The maximum TDP that the motherboard can produce is from 65 to 135W. So, this motherboard is optimal for using a processor that supports TDP 65W based on Intel processors.

▲ It has a TOOL menu that allows you to use ASRock’s unique options, an H/W monitor for hardware monitoring, and an EXIT menu that allows you to save and initialize BIOS option values.

Recently, from the end of last year to February of this year to be exact, Intel has released new processors and the details of ME (Management Engine) have changed, so each motherboard company is including this update. So, if possible, rather than updating to the most recent BIOS version from the BIOS version shown when you purchased it, it is better to update it sequentially, starting from the updates immediately above. If you skip the BIOS that includes the ME update, the Windows operating system may not load. This situation occurs similarly to all Intel motherboards, so please be sure to follow the BIOS update order.

■ Inexpensive cost-effective system and even white tuning

The goal of the ASRock H610M-HDV M.2+ D5 – Aswin motherboard introduced by Brainbox today is precise. This product is designed to meet the needs of users who want to use an entry-level Core i3 or i5 processor with a TDP of 65W, a white case, a white cooler, and a white graphics card.

Since the concept of the product itself is focused on “price,” it was designed to be equipped with only what is needed from the H610 chipset, or to be precise, only one of the elements that make up a computer. So, this product is a good choice for those who want to purchase a system for light Internet shopping or online lectures. And I’ll explain it again, but if you’re looking to buy a computer entirely in “white color,” this seems like a motherboard that you can put on your purchase list. And for those who are equipped with a tower-type air cooler that supports ARGB, this motherboard also has an ARGB LED header, so you can connect it to the internal fan of the computer case and control it overall through Asrock Polychrome RGB.

ASRock H610M-HDV M.2+ D5 – The price of the Aswin motherboard is around 110,000 won, so if you want to purchase a computer with an Intel Core processor, we recommend choosing this motherboard.

▲ You can see the 5V 3-pin ARGB pin header at the bottom of the ASRock H610M-HDV M.2+ D5 motherboard, and gray-colored ports are designated for installation of the 3-pin ARGB cable.

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