The Ukrainian Army’s Innovative Counteroffensive: A Path Unavailable to Authoritarian Countries

The Ukrainian Army’s Innovative Counteroffensive: A Path Unavailable to Authoritarian Countries

A path to innovation that cannot be imitated by authoritarian countries such as Russia and China

The US main battle tank “M1A2 Abrams”, which will become a major force for the Ukrainian army in the future (August 12, during training in Lithuania, from the website of the US Army)

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In a JBpress article dated August 15, the author wrote:

“Since the Ukrainian military launched its counteroffensive in early June, many Western mainstream media outlets and quite a few military experts have argued that the Ukrainian military counteroffensive is slow and likely failing. but their claims miss the point.”

The essence of the Ukrainian army’s counteroffensive is an “offensive operation under air deficiencies”, but what is emphasized in order to succeed in the counteroffensive under these severe conditions is the “blocking operation” that destroys the enemy’s logistics network. He emphasized that it was a “counter-artillery warfare (fire between artillery)” to destroy the enemy’s artillery firepower.

Interdiction operations are operations aimed at preventing, delaying, disrupting, or destroying the movement of enemy forces or supplies into combat areas.

In other words, the interdiction operation emphasizes the destruction of the Russian military’s logistic system and aims to logistically divide the Crimean peninsula, Kherson and Zaporizhia provinces.

For example, in order to make the Crimean Peninsula a completely isolated island, the Crimean Bridge (automobile and railway bridges) will be demolished, and the Chongar Bridge (automotive and railway bridges) and Khenichesk connecting the Kherson and Zaporizhia provinces with the Crimean Peninsula will be destroyed. Destroyed a nearby bridge.

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At present, the effectiveness of the interdiction operation is clearly showing, and the situation is such that the Russian army’s front-line units are not sufficiently supplied with supplies, and the Russian army’s howitzers, rockets, and artillery shells are in short supply. The offensive advance of Ukrainian forces has become possible.

He also pointed out that the Ukrainian army emphasized anti-artillery warfare and focused on destroying Russian howitzers and rocket launchers, and pointed out that the Ukrainian army had a superior artillery force in Zaporizhia Oblast.

This superiority in artillery firepower is the driving force behind the current Ukrainian military advance.

U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley said: “The Ukrainian military’s offensive is slow, but not a failure. Ukrainian forces have breached the first line of defense. The mines and anti-tank weapons that Russia has spent months preparing It broke through Australia and others,” he testified.

One of the reasons behind the Ukrainian military’s reversal offensive, which began in early June, has been progressing is the dispute between high-ranking U.S. and Ukrainian officials. I want to clarify.

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