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The ugly secret of the oligarchs has been revealed – 2024-02-29 07:25:37

/ world today news/ One of the subjects of the last show of Tucker Carlson, fired the other day from Fox News, was the situation in the real estate market in the United States. It turned out that the situation there was desperate, but no one spoke about it aloud. Carlson also, as we can see, failed to develop the theme.

What was so secret about the ether? Only official statistics US home sales have not grown for 12 months in a row. And mortgage interest rates, on the contrary, are only increasing – after that of the Federal Reserve.

Last year, the median property price for the first time in US history was a whopping $450,000. So much. At the same time, this also reflects real, not fictional dollar inflation: most of the apartments and houses on the market were bought by owners for an amount that is several times or even an order of magnitude less than what they are trying to get today.

The last time such a bubble in real estate prices in America was inflated was in 2007. Then it burst so deafeningly that it started the so-called Great Recession, during which millions of Americans lost their jobs, homes and retirement savings.

The pain of the experience was not in vain. Today, Americans are seeing similar trends, hearing concerns and fearing to buy real estate. As a result, one of the main drivers of the US economy is slowing down. Since last June, the median property price has fallen from $450,000 to $400,000. Everyone from ordinary mortgage lenders to professional speculators are waiting for the market to crash and house prices to crash.

Meanwhile, the country’s leadership behaves paradoxically. Instead of tightening the requirements for mortgage lenders, it weakens them. Not only that, the Biden administration is pushing a rule requiring mortgage lenders with good credit to pay more mortgage interest than borrowers with poor credit. This is done ostensibly to support the poor and indebted black population, but of course it looks extremely ugly on law abiding citizens.

So the administration is repeating the maneuvers that led to the collapse of 2007-2008. Then mortgages were indiscriminately issued to the poorest people, they rented not one, but two or three projects, and then naturally faced the fact that they could not service your debts. In the same way that the Federal Reserve raised interest rates today, mortgage rates rose in the same way. The result was predictable.

Meanwhile, the American media is doing its best to keep citizens from seeing the precipice they are on the brink of. It’s just touching how they try: “The market correction will be modest”, “Weakening demand during a recession will lead to a softening of house prices”. Just so they don’t say outright that another national fraud is being prepared.

Only on the air of Tucker Carlson, a real estate expert expressed a version according to which the American oligarchy deliberately imposes mortgages on citizens in order to take away their property in the event of a market collapse. Ah, the White House obediently dances to the whistle of the ultra-rich.

The revelation of this dirty secret of the “deep state” – much dirtier than all the other adventures of Hunter Biden – and led, among other things, to the resignation of the famous TV host with record ratings. In the end, Carlson encroached on the sacred – the business interests of his own management.

After all, Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch doesn’t just look like a reptile. This 92-year-old citizen with various passports and multi-billion offshore assets owns, among other things, the Dow Jones agency and is actively involved in various schemes of the international oligarchy.

At first glance, Murdoch appears to be a proponent of a right-wing, conservative agenda. However, he fervently supported the left-wing radical Obama, and now, as we see, he is completely pushing out of the information field all the Trumpists, whose mouthpiece Carlson was.

Because the “deep state” always bets on both sides, pushing its supporters into power, regardless of their political orientation. Today, for example, is touting Ron DeSantis on the right as a docile and manageable alternative to Trump.

Meanwhile, while society argues about politics, the local oligarchy shears its sheep – ordinary American citizens. The coming housing crisis, multiplied by a recession, will be another heist.

For us, the problem here is this: every economic crisis in America ended with the whole world falling prey to wild capitalism. They sacrificed it for the dollar – it was too convenient for international payments. They sacrificed to ensure the notorious sustainable development.

But it all made sense until the American economy was really something in itself. Today, this is far from the case. They can no longer shift their problems onto others. Therefore, the new Great Depression promises the United States unprecedented chaos in the country.

Translation: V. Sergeev

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