The transformed Maja Sablewska returns to the walls with a leather top and voluminous pants (PHOTO)

Some time ago Maja Sablewska she admitted in one of the interviews that she never felt as good as she was at 40. The therapy, which helped her overcome past trauma and reevaluate her life, had a huge impact on her well-being. The 42-year-old also revealed that she doesn’t think about motherhood yet, because “She feels confident and she feels good.”

That self-esteem Sablewska sprinted high, this is demonstrated by her next photos “dressed as Ewa”, which she stubbornly publishes on the web. The former celebrity manager treats the Instagram profile like a CV she has advertise your brand …

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Until recently, visiting the salons was a daily reality for Maja. In recent months, the 42-year-old has severely restricted releases and has focused all of her attention on starting her own brand. On Tuesday, the 42-year-old made a small exception to the rule and honored the Tous party in Warsaw with her presence.

The “retired” designer wore a leather crop top, a voluminous jacket, baggy high-waisted jeans and pointy pumps. Her shiny brown hair was styled in Hollywood waves. On the neck of the celebrity two gold pendants with crosses could be seen. Her changed face also attracted attention.

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Change these silly Ukrainian colors to Polish eventually, because you are being pathetic

Ah, this diet changes face, teeth and mouth … 😁

Sorry for this lady, she smothered the great Warsaw as a stellar nanny, then manager of Doda … Now she is nobody and has to go to work like a normal Kowalski … The day your soap bank you believe in both bursting with a bang ….

Dżizas must all have “fashion brands”? It’s so boring….

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Terrible pants! I haven’t seen any worse and more distorting in a long time!

There was a nanny Maja !!!!!

who knows what they do to have such shiny hair

Very nice hair color and nice makeup. It seems very nice

That’s right, we have our national colors, this is an exaggeration. You have to help, but don’t lose your identity and your country.

A very cool and elegant woman. Maja has some awesome tattoos. She wears big hats and shoes.

What is this impersonality professionally doing, the nanny of Kukulska’s children?

She actually changed, because she was fully clothed and not in bed. Nothing special .

Attachments, volume, new contour, new beard … does Mrs. Maja still recognize herself in the mirror?

This is the voice of a “real Pole”, with whom it is better to get lost than to find yourself.

The poodle writes about the Butcher putting photos from the bed with his lover on Ig !!!!!

Joziek El So …

24 minutes

What has changed in it? Is she dressed? 😂😂😂

saying what you want sounds better than before – in her case, using the benefits of beauty treatments proved to be an advantage

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