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The Tragic Life and Mysterious Death of Viktor Avilov: A Star Haunted by Demons

The fatal shot devastated him.

Viktor Avilov certainly could not be called an ordinary handsome man. The actor had an unconventional appearance and amazing charisma. This was first noted by Georgy Yungvald-Khilkevich, who agreed, even without a test, the artist for the main role in the film “The Prisoner of the Chateau d’If”. But the director first promised to give the image of Dantes to Mikhail Boyarsky.

Everyone who at least once worked with Avilov later believed that he had special mystical abilities. The actor himself often thought about this, so he studied otherworldly forces and hypnosis, and called spirits. He was also tormented by heavy thoughts of death.

The star believed he had a special purpose. He even began to practice mass hypnosis from the stage. Doctors he knew tried to steer him away from dangerous habits. Avilov’s secret soon led to problems with alcohol. He managed to overcome his addiction, but not for long.

In the early 90s, the artist was offered to play in the play “The Master and Margarita” by Woland. The star did not give up this dangerous image and went into the abyss. After the fatal post, he started drinking alcohol again; the artist complained to friends that the hero seemed to be stalking him.

Then Avilov was diagnosed with cancer, and tuberculosis was added a few years later. The 51-year-old actor died in 2004.

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