The Tragic Decline of a Once-Famous Singer: From Scandals to Mental Illness

A semi-retired singer who was famous for seduction and scandals was afflicted with a strange mental disorder that made her insane and unable to control herself and her actions. She even attempted suicide more than once in the country in which she resides, after she was expelled from several countries as a result of the disasters she was committing.

The singer is currently trying to appear fit under the influence of tranquilizers, because the type of drugs she was addicted to made her lose her mind and negatively affected her nervous system, and it is said that she is living in financial distress, after she stopped hosting red night parties here and there.

The singer needs, according to doctors, to enter a mental institution, but she refuses this, and is betting on tranquilizers to recover from the psychological illnesses that afflicted her, in addition to the neurological effects resulting from the use of a very dangerous drug.

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