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the three novilleros and the ganadero emerge triumphant from the Palio |

Interesting novillada de Fernay (video)

Photos and CR: Thierry Ripoll (Toreria.net per vuelta)

The three novilleros and the ganadero emerged triumphant from the main gate of the Palio arena after an interesting overall novillada. From the envy of the three bullfighters who compensated for their inexperience and from so much O. Fernay of varied behavior, offering possibilities with a novello de vuelta, the 4th, who left his two ears to Tristan. Nino Julian, who made his successful debut at this level, received the Pierre Pouly trophy on the track at the end of the race, C. Jaume with a less easy fate was able to get out of the game…

Seven novillos from the Olivier Fernay y hijas ganaderia, very variously presented, the 2nd and 3rd dresser, and varied game, the 4th best (Inquieto N°33 awarded with a vuelta posthumous), 3rd and last, the others offer possibilities, the least interesting is the 1st… Generally discreet in front of the cavalry. The 6th novice, who had some problems with his front legs, was killed by hitting a burladero…

Tristan Espigue “Tristan” (apple green and gold) Hello and two ears

Clement performs “Clement Jaume” (tobacco and gold) Ear and ear

Nino Giuliano (clay and white gold) Two ears of corn and silence after advice

The Nîmes Nino Julian started with the picadors

Pst: Mr. Chaulier, generous. ¼ festive arena, summer weather. Greetings from Tomas Ubeda on the 5th. Relaunch of the Pierre Pouly Trophy for Nino Julian at the end of the novillada

Nino Giuliano whoever snatched his first pungent novillada there will have succeeded in his passage to the next level, showing desire, commitment and decision… His 1st Fernay, shown lively and mobile, pushing Nîmes a little at the start of the game, even hanging himself without hurt… Finding a better compromise on the left, he managed to regain control on the right before the right naturals and an effective blade…. Two ears of corn and a celebrated turn. He then inherited the sobrero after the holder killed himself against a burladero…. As in his 1st, he banderilla with decision and was faced at the start by a bronco opponent who steered better on the left horn before he began to attempt to escape… Regaining control from the right or Fernay’s fugitive he is shown to be better company but the sword, after the naturals from the front, was not there…

Tristan he didn’t adjust much in his first fight, facing an uncooperative opponent, especially on the right, and the faena proved to be of unequal interest but very well done with the sword. The Tarasconnais then came close to winning the match, annoying with class, charging from distance with his right foot, which Tristan took advantage of to connect a series of good scores. The other bank being less evident, he returned to the right side to finalize his performance before an effective sword… Two ears and vuelta al novello… the ganadero invited to share the womb by the novillero.

Clement Giaume he passed to the infirmary after the death of the 5th who took him severely in the faena class for not having suspected the caste of the novice… False spade, started on his knees and faced with a demanding opponent, he failed but returned to the fight, dazed but snatching a concept better before an effective blade…. The Biterrois showed himself at ease with the cape in front of his 1st and began his faena con cambiadas on his knees in the center of the ruedo, the novice, short to the left, had better dispositions on the other horn from which he made good use of his application and of his desire, cutting off the first ear after an effective caidite sword…

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