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The therapist called hardening useless in the prevention of ARVI

14:01, December 7, 2023

Therapists Nelly Bagdalova and Yana Goncharova said that the method of hardening the body is not suitable for the prevention of colds.

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According to them, for many people it is useless. They told Lenta.Ru about this.

Goncharova explained that people who constantly carry out the hardening procedure tolerate hot and cold weather much better. This allows a person to reduce the likelihood of contracting a viral infection.

Bagdalova added that hardening will not protect a person from colds if he has bad habits and eats unhealthy food. In addition, stress affects viral infection.

However, the specialist concluded, if a person leads a healthy lifestyle and eats healthy food, then hardening will help him reduce the risk of developing seasonal diseases.

Earlier, ABN24 reported that immunologist Jenna Machioki said that it is necessary to eat vegetables and fruits to strengthen the immune system in winter.

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