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The horror and suspense game “Fireworks” produced by the Chinese development team, Shiying Studio, announced the release date of the game today. The game will be released on February 4, 2021. The demo version is currently available on Steam for players to experience.



Game features

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  • An unexpected fire at the funeral forced the police to reinvestigate a closed massacre.The newcomer policeman played by the playerLin Lixun participated by chancesurvey. As the investigation deepens, the victim’s past gradually emerges. However, the truth of the case has become confusing….
  • Players can experience the oriental environment of the Chinese countryside in the game, and they can also feel the chill in their bones.
  • There are many modern easter eggs in the game.

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  • The nostalgic watercolor style and the bleak and weird atmosphere remind me of the first time I watched a horror movie at night in my childhood.
  • The game pursues the subtleties of oriental horror. There is no Jump Scares (very risky, I am very afraid of this kind of XD), there is no place to hide, and even ghosts rarely appear, but you can feel the horror around.

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  • This is an exploration full of horror and unknown. Players will follow the protagonist’s steps to discover the truth in the tragedy.
  • This is also a story with Eastern mysticism and realism. It is weird and bizarre, but it may happen in a certain corner of this land.
  • The clever narrative structure allows layers of suspense to be superimposed. The truth seemed to be right in front of him, but in a blink of an eye he was covered by mist.

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  • In a rapidly changing world, everyone is a small person in the era, but everyone is the protagonist of his own story.
  • Every character in the game is vital. Players will know them, understand them, and share sorrow and joy.

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  • The puzzle design is just right, not too difficult, but also very challenging.
  • The puzzles are closely integrated with the plot, making the plot experience more interesting.

Game promo

If you don’t go out to watch the fireworks on New Year’s Eve, just stay at home and play the “Fireworks” demo!
“Fireworks” Steam page


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