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The superpower is heading to Finland. The parsnip arrives at the World Cup, and Kämpf is close by. Simon, on the other hand, ends – Czech Television – Czech Television

“It was quite simple, they were both interested in representing. Of course, there was a bit of a scarecrow for us, of course, he wasn’t 100% medically healthy, so we weren’t entirely sure if he would pass the doctors on the final examination. But depending on how he played in the play “Off, it was obvious that he didn’t limit him much and his condition was approaching one hundred percent. In the end, he succeeded, his exit health tests went smoothly and he got the green light from Bruins. team manager Petr Nedvěd.

The twenty-six-year-old Pastrňák is waiting for his fourth world championship in his career. He presented himself in tournaments from 2016 to 2018. He can join the national team thanks to the elimination of the Bruins in the first round of the NHL playoffs in a duel with Carolina. The Hurricanes won the seventh decisive match last night on Sunday 3: 2, with Pastrňák being the last successful scorer in the series. But he did not avert the elimination.

In the basic part of the year, Pastrňák scored 77 points in 72 matches for 40 goals and 37 assists, so in the fourth consecutive season he had an average of at least one point per match. He added six points (3 + 3) for seven starts in the playoffs.

If everything goes according to plan, Pastrňák should train with the team on Wednesday and could start Thursday’s match against Latvia. “We will see upon arrival, there is no point in hurrying, the coaches and Pasta must decide in the first place. We will give him space, we will see how he will feel after arrival,” Nedvěd did not want to overtake.

Pastrňák’s connection with his former partner from Boston, David Krejčí, is offered, but the first offensive formation, in which Krejčí is complemented by Roman Červenka and young Matěj Blümel, has worked very well so far. “Our first line still plays excellent hockey, but of course the connection between Krejči and Pasta makes sense. But this decision will be made by the coaches,” said Nedvěd.

According to Nedvěd, the last vacancy on the national team roster remains, which Kämpf should most likely fill. “He played the whole playoffs without injury and he feels great. We still have to wait for the final confirmation from Toronto, but 99 percent should arrive at the championship venue on Thursday,” said Nedvěd. He will know the opinion of the Canadian club tonight.

Pastrňák’s teammate Tomáš Nosek was also in the game, but in the end Kämpf took precedence. “They are similar players. Both Kämpfík and Nosíno play a very similar role in the season. David was more busy in Toronto, he played a bigger role there, which also played a role in our decision-making. David is an excellent player in attack and defense. He showed “The whole season in Toronto, his workload was really high. He plays a lot against the best lines of the opponent and also the weakening, so this is exactly the player we need,” explained Nedvěd.

On the contrary, Simon will no longer intervene in the tournament in Finland. “He disconnected for personal reasons. It’s a loss for us, but it doesn’t affect the running of the team. It simply happened. Since this is a very sensitive personal matter and we respect Dominik’s privacy, please understand that we will not comment further on the whole matter. Nedved said. In Simon’s absence, the Czech team will compete against Austria with eleven forwards.

Dostál’s health condition, which was to undergo a more detailed examination of an unspecified injury on Monday, remains shrouded in question marks. “There is nothing new yet. We could not leave the last place in the attack for the goalkeepers, the rules did not allow us, so it was not on the agenda,” said Nedvěd. before the last announced reinforcements arrive.

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